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COA Resources
  • Driver's License - You must make sure you change your address with your State's department of motor vehicles (DMV).
  • Magazine Address Changes - We have collected some great information on how to change your address to keep getting the magazines you love at your new home.
  • Name Change Checklist - If you have recently gotten married, divorced, or changed your name for any other reason, then this list of resources will help you make sure you notify organizations that need to know your new name.
  • Driver's License - You must make sure you change your address with your State's department of motor vehicles (DMV).
  • USPS COA Site - You can pay a small fee to change your address here OR you can use our FREE service.
  • USPS Options for Receiving Mail - This is an interesting page where you can see what your options are for receiving mail. Did you know you had any?
  • Call to Change Your Address - This is an FAQ entry on how to change your address over the telephone.
  • USPS State Abbreviations - This is a real quick table for looking up State abbreviations.


Welcome to Change of! We created this site to provide a simple service to the American public. We have over 10 years of experience with preparing online change of address forms and since we have been a part of it for so long know the frustrations that many users have experienced. We set out to make Change of a different experience. Something that is FREE of all the pop-up ads and continuous marketing and that simply provides the service users come here for (to complete a Form 3575 РUSPS Change of Address Form).  We do offer some other great home services via our partnership with, but those are completely optional and not required in any way.

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Find a locksmith in your area to re-key the locks in your home and keep you safer. Click Here

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We trust that you will find this service useful and we hope that you will tell your friends and family about it to make their lives easier as well when they move. Moving can be a really difficult experience but changing your address with the USPS couldn’t be simpler than it is with Change of We have also added information for many additional agencies which require notification of an address change including: the IRS, the Social Security Administration, and your State Department of Motor Vehicles. We are adding more address change information and forms as quickly as we come across them. If you know any that we missed please feel free to email us at

Our Management Team:

Ashley Bryan – Ashley is the operating manager responsible for the day-to-day operations of Change Of Address working with all strategic partners to build the relationships. She is in charge of all HR and administrative functions as well.

Cindy Musig – Cindy is the lead editor for Change Of Address. She manages the writers and coordinates with the web development team to deliver great information related to moving, real estate, the USPS, and changing addresses in general.

John Lefferts – John is responsible for marketing at Change Of Address. He handles both the SEO and SEM initiatives for Change Of Address. In addition, John is the person to contact regarding advertising opportunities with us.

Jerry Jensen – Jerry is responsible for the website maintenance and all things technical at Change Of Address. He is a big WordPress fan and also an expert on the USPS CASS standards.

Partnership Opportunities – If you are interested in offering change of address forms for your users and would like to co-brand the forms, you can become a partner of Change Of here.

Change of Address Home Services

We recognize that your home is incredibly important to you and selecting the best providers to service your needs is our main priority. Accordingly, we have pre-screened and catalogued thousands of home service providers that you can trust to get the job done on time and to your satisfaction. We continuously review these service providers to make sure that we always maintain a high standard of service so you know you can always count on us for all your home service needs.

You can start with this great MoveCenter where you can change the following:
  • electricity service
  • gas service
  • high speed Internet service
  • cable or satellite TV service
  • guaranteed lowest prices on the Internet
  • and much, much more.. find all your home service needs in one place.

More Info on Locksmiths
  • • Re-Key existing locks
  • • Replace locks completely
  • • Expedited service is available
  • • Multiple locksmiths to choose from
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More Info on Carpet Cleaning
Carpet Cleaners
  • • Remove stains from your carpets
  • • Eliminate pet odors
  • • Keep your carpets clean all year long
  • • Multiple cleaners to choose from
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More Info on Handyman
  • • Small home improvement projects
  • • Fix roofs, doors, floors, cracks
  • • Emergency repairs are available
  • • Multiple Handymen to choose from
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More Info on Lawn Care
Lawn Care
  • • Mowing and trimming service
  • • Lawn fertilizers and care
  • • Pest control for your lawn
  • • Multiple providers to choose from
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More Info on Pest Control
Pest Control
  • • Treat roaches, spiders, and ants
  • • Remove fleas from your home
  • • Emergency pest control available
  • • Multiple specialists to choose from
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More Info on Maids
  • • Move-In cleaning Services
  • • Move-Out cleaning services
  • • Regular daily or weekly cleaning
  • • Multiple Handymen to choose from
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