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Archive for January, 2010

10 Reasons People Dread Getting Car Insurance

Oh the dreaded insurance question.  It is one of those necessary evils we really don’t want, but can’t live without.  We don’t need it, until we need it, so that leaves us with no choice in the matter.  Forgive me for repeating myself, but we don’t need it, until we need it.

Having a teenager in the house is cause for panic knowing your premium is going to jump from minimal to maximum, and for sure you want that teen covered.  Teens are looked upon as inexperienced drivers and insurance premiums can be outrageous.

Changing agents and Insurance companies is a pain in the mind that travels down into the shoulders.  There are occasions when changing is the only way, but searching for the right carrier can be frustrating.  Understanding the jargon of the Insurance industry helps when they start talking about coverage and it pays to know what you need.

Why would one want to change carriers in the first place?  Moving from one state to another is one reason one is forced to look for an agent in the new location.  Some Insurance Companies carry over from one state to another; however each State has different rules governing the amount of insurance one must carry.

It wasn’t that many years ago that Insurance coverage was not required in some states.  However one of the best moves any state legislature could have made was to require that all vehicle owners have insurance if they are going to drive.

Personally, I feel better knowing the agent I work with.  We have been with the same agent for many years, and don’t plan to change unless he raises our premiums.  In an economic slump most people feel, it is difficult to stretch the budget for the necessary monthly household, then to add a rise in premiums, electricity or fuel at the pump can cause one to start the search of where to find the best for less.  This could very well call for a different company resulting in a new agent.

Knowing the right questions to ask when interviewing an Insurance Agent is very important and can be a scary endeavor.  Bearing in mind each Agent wants you to go with his company.  If you are a good risk, with a great driving record, you should be able to get full coverage at a great rate.  However, it helps to know what to do and how much it will cost you should a windshield crack.  That is one reason it pays to know the right questions to ask.

What about the question of credit rating?  According to the knowledge of your credit score, it could be unnerving to say the least to have the potential Insurance Company check your rating and it come up questionable.  It is my understanding that this is the norm anymore that your credit score determines your ability to pay.  It is like most anything else these days.  Our Credit score determines what interest rate we can be charged on a car loan as well as a house.

Then there is the deciding factor of how much insurance coverage one needs.  Naturally we don’t want more than necessary, yet we want to be covered sufficiently.  Now days there is the additional safety of “under insured” or “uninsured” coverage which helps in those cases when even if we are not at fault, we are still covered.

Does it sound like a hassle? It is.  That is why it is a dreaded chore when it comes to purchasing auto insurance.  Knowing we got a speeding ticket that is going to show up on our record makes the hassle even greater.

Sheer exhaustion sets in once we get close to finishing the process of surfing the Webb, making calls, getting quotes, making notes, comparing prices, comparing coverage, talking with sales agents, counting the cost, hating ourselves for the DUI, or speeding ticket, and the list goes on.

OK here I go again.  We can’t live with it, and for sure we can’t live without it.  And it is one of those things we don’t need it until we need it.  That’s just the way it is.