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10 Tips for Finding a New Church Home

Whether you just moved to a new community or for one reason or another you feel like you need to change churches, there is a lot to consider.  There are lots of great churches (congregations) and I’m sure several in your local area.  Choosing from all those local churches can be a challenge if you aren’t clear upfront with what you are looking for.  I don’t think it is just about finding the closest church to your home, there is more to it than that. Finding that right match to grow your beliefs and to meet new people requires some time and lots of commitment.  Accordingly, here are 10 tips to help you as you seek a new church home.

  1. List the local churches.  You can fairly quickly get on the Internet and search for churches by your city name and/or your zip code.  You might try going to Google and typing in “Baptist churches in Toledo” making sure to insert your denomination and town in the appropriate places.  Hopefully you will quickly get a list of 3 to 5 churches to visit.

  2. Consider close religions/denominations.  If you are a Christian and typically attended a Methodist church, try a United Church of Christ or Presbyterian Church as well as other Methodist churches.  There are several Christian denominations that are fairly close in ideology by considering other denominations you really open up the number of choices.

  3. You also need to make sure you know what type of church culture works best for you.  Do you want to feel welcomed by the people immediately or do you prefer to sort of blend in with the crowd.  If you really want to mingle and get to know other members you might opt for a smaller church.   In order to know for sure though you have to visit because larger churches can overcome this with the right church culture.

  4. Visit more than one church and visit each one multiple times.  If they have multiple pastors you may want to hear them all.  If they have one pastor you may want to hear him or her more than once before you judge their preaching skills.  If they have multiple services, I would also highly recommend visiting each of the services over a few weeks so you can figure out the differences in each service time.  You might be surprised how much the experience can vary when you go just 1 hour earlier or later.

  5. Sermons that matter.  If you are like me you want to hear sermons that really hit home with you.  Where difficult to understand passages get translated in meaningful ways to touch and transform your life.  Again, make sure you give a pastor enough visits and chances to teach you.

  6. Youth programs.  If you have children it’s important to find out how active the youth programs are at the church.  Do the kids meet on a regular basis?  Do they seem to enjoy being at church?  You can generally tell pretty quickly whether a church has a lot of youth and/or if they don’t.

  7. Sunday school programs.  Sunday school is for the whole family, not just the kids.  It’s an opportunity to meet other people with similar beliefs and to learn from them giving you the chance to grow spiritually in new ways.  I highly recommend trying a Sunday school class in each church you visit.

  8. Choir/Music.  If you enjoy good music in church then a great choir or band can make a huge difference in your worship experience.  Some churches actually don’t even allow music and that may or may not work for you.  I’m not saying that you rate their ability to entertain, just find a church that has a music program that works for you.

  9. Mission efforts.  Find out how active the church mission outreach program is in the local area and around the World.  Do they seem dedicated to helping other in the community or is the church fairly isolated.  Neither is the right answer, but it is important that your beliefs about missionary work are in alignment with the church.

  10. Keep trying until it feels right.  It’s so important to not settle on a church that doesn’t really feel right for you.  Keep trying other churches in the area.  It’s amazing but I’m convinced that when you find the right church, you know it.  Joining a church is a big commitment from you and the current church members so treat this with the gravity it deserves.  Take your time and enjoy the chance to experience your religion from multiple perspectives.

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One Response to “10 Tips for Finding a New Church Home”

  • John Albertini:

    Don’t forget to consider a Unitarian Universalist Church.
    They are very open & liberal.

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