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10 Tools Every Person Should Have in Their Home

Your home is such a big investment in part because of all of the things that can and will go wrong. If you want to fix the problems as they occur, or undertake a few do-it-yourself projects, then you should keep a handy set of tools on standby. A majority of the tools that fit the bill are affordable and can be stashed away in a toolbox. A 7 oz. claw hammer, for example, can be purchased at Lowes for fewer than seven bucks. So if you’re lacking the tools you need to keep your home in tip-top shape, peruse the list below and make a quick trip to your local hardware store.

  1. Tape Measure - A 25-foot self-retracting tape measure enables you to measure rooms, furniture, or anything else you need to size-up in your home before committing to a project. It should include strong a thumb lock and tape that’s sturdy enough to remain flat after being stretched out.

  2. Utility Knife – If you’re equipped with a reliable utility knife, then you have no problem cutting through string, rope, nylon, boxes, packages, drywall and carpet. Typically, they lock in varying positions, allowing you to cut at the easiest and safest angles.

  3. Screwdrivers – Have either an assortment of screwdrivers in varying sizes, both flat and Phillips-style, or one screwdriver with interchangeable bits. Of course with this tool, you can dissect and construct a myriad of household items, ranging from large appliances to small electronics.

  4. Power Drill – With a basic power drill, you can effectively drill holes in wood, plastic or metal. Depending on the type of projects you plan to undertake, consider its power capability, battery life and additional features – like whether or not it’s reversible. Be sure to purchase an accompanying set of drill bits. Makita, Hitachi and Panasonic are among the most reliable brands.

  5. Pliers – There are three different types of pliers – slip-joint, lock-joint and needle or long-nose – and each serves a different purpose. Slip-joint pliers are useful for removing nails, and tightening and loosening nuts. Lock-joint pliers have large jaws that enable them to deal with large objects. Needle or long-nose pliers can grip small items.

  6. Wire Stripper – Although pliers can be used to strip wire, it’s much easier to use a wire stripper. It cleanly removes the plastic coating that protects the wire core. Some come with changeable teeth that accommodate different wire sizes.

  7. Adjustable Wrench – An adjustable wrench is capable of adapting to objects of varying sizes because of its movable jaw. It can tighten and loosen nuts of different household items. Most hardware stores carry automatic adjustable wrenches that tighten around objects without the help of their users

  8. Claw Hammer – The claw hammer is perhaps the trustiest tool that you’ll own. Of course, it’s used for driving nails, force-fitting objects together and breaking objects apart; the claw end is used for removing nails. It should be roughly 16 ounces with a good grip – you don’t want to experience any painful or destructive mishaps.

  9. Level – Thanks to the level, the near-impossible task of ensuring an item is perfectly level is made easier and less tedious. The three types of levels most used are the torpedo, bull’s eyes and carpenter levels. Torpedo levels are small in size and aptly shaped like torpedoes. Bull’s eye levels are attached to the item. Carpenter levels measure whether or not an item is vertically plumb in addition to horizontally level.

  10. Electric Stud Finder – An electric stud finder is handy during projects that involve hammering objects into the wall of your home – like when you’re hanging shelves. It saves you from having to do the old hammer-and-nail routine, which causes unsightly damage to your walls.

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2 Responses to “10 Tools Every Person Should Have in Their Home”

  • Consciousness and Spirituality:

    Clout: Tapping Spiritual Wisdom to Become a Person of Influence…

    This is great! I’ve added this to my blog (trackbak) if you don’t mind? Let me know if you do….

  • MalikTous:

    I’d also consider swissknives, leatherman tools, and gaffer or ‘duct’ tape in the assortment. As an engineering repair tech, I have a lot more tools than this, but the list is a good starter for average folks.

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