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10 Ways to Hang a Picture on Your Wall

A picture hung in the appropriate place and manner can enhance the appearance and mood of a room exponentially. But finding a hassle-free way to hang it isn’t easy. You can do the whole nail-in-the-wall routine, but that requires finding a decent spot to place the nail, and there’s no room for trial and error. Fortunately, there are some alternative methods for hanging your favorite pictures. With a quick trip to your local hardware or office supply store, you’ll find a myriad of objects that’ll make the job a bit easier. Here are 10 ways to hang your picture on your wall.

  1. Canvas Hangers

    Canvas hangers enable you to hang canvas secure and flush to your wall. You simply need a Phillips head screwdriver to screw it into your wall, and a level is included with the product, ensuring the picture is hung evenly. They come in varying sizes – the largest of which can support up to 300 pounds.

  2. Picture Hanging Strips

    With picture hanging strips, you can rearrange pictures without having to commit an entire day of your time. One side of the strip contains adhesive material that sticks to your wall, and the other side sticks to your picture frame. Depending on which size and brand you purchase, they can hold frames up to 24×36 inches.

  3. Reclosable Fasteners

    Recoslable fasteners are like picture hanging strips, but come in different forms and sizes. They contain hundreds of interlocking stems that attach together, securely holding your picture to your wall. The adhesive enables it to hold up to one pound per square inch.

  4. Ribbon

    If your walls have a picture rail to go along with crown molding, you can utilize it by hanging pictures from ribbon, which you’d tie to nails or screws that are already driven into the picture rail. Plus, using ribbon adds a unique style.

  5. Wire

    Like ribbon, wire can be used to hang pictures. Although it’s less aesthetically pleasing, you can still be creative – several pictures can be hung from the same wire, creating a sequence or theme. This method is also most useful for walls that include a picture rail.

  6. Decorative Hanger

    Decorative hangers with clips or clothespins hold up a picture frame while adding a unique look. They can be hung from nails and screw that have already been driven into your wall. For the best possible look, use vintage hangers that are smaller than your typical closet clothes hanger. You can paint them to match the color of your room.

  7. Frame Decal

    Vinyl frame decals stick to your wall, allowing you to easily hang photos and other moderately-sized pictures. They can be removed and rearranged at any time, and you won’t have to find a new place to drive in a nail. They come in many different styles and colors, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one or two that’ll match your home’s décor.

  8. Adhesive Mounting Putty

    If you’re hanging posters or lightweight pictures, consider using adhesive mounting putty to stick them onto your wall. Just be sure not to mount your pictures onto walls that have wallpaper of flat paint – they could be damaged.

  9. Adhesive Clips

    These clips are equipped with adhesive that’ll hold to most surfaces. They come in handy when the walls of your home are less forgiving and composed of material like brick. They’re best used with posters and pictures that are smaller in size – you don’t want to have any mishaps. Heavier pictures could cause the clips to become detached from your wall.

  10. Adhesive Hooks

    For framed photos that aren’t too big, you can use adhesive hooks that attach to your wall; much like adhesive clips. They save you from having to insert more nails into your wall, though strong adhesive can cause minor superficial damage by removing bits of paint.

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  • Chillstar:

    Would be really useful if you provided an image and link to further info for each type. I’ve got no idea what some of these things are. Thanks anyway.

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