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10 Ways to Make Your Neighbors Hate You

There’s an important responsibility that comes with living in a neighborhood or apartment complex – you must have consideration for your neighbors, knowing that your actions could affect their sensibilities and quality of living. Sure, you can live to your heart’s content, but within moderation. After all, you don’t want to live at the mercy of their bad habits. Whether you care about how your neighbors perceive you or not, there are several behaviors, habits and activities – or lack thereof – that may be causing them to become passive-aggressive toward you and your family. If you wish to avert a neighborly feud, avoid these 10 ways to make your neighbors hate you.

  1. Let your dog bark and roam freely

    Incessant barking is a classic annoyance endured by neighbors of dog owners. Nobody likes to be awakened and kept awake by the howling of a bored dog during the wee hours of the morning. Additionally, nobody likes to step in dog poop en route to their mailbox, pick up their overturned garbage can or find holes dug in their well-manicured flower beds.

  2. Neglect your yard

    A neglected yard affects the appearance of your entire neighborhood. It’s a visual annoyance that some people just can’t overcome. So, if you don’t mow often, fail to edge, allow weeds to spread, don’t trim trees and bushes on a regular basis, then chances are, a neighbor or two doesn’t like you. When it comes to your yard, it’s best to keep up with the Joneses.

  3. Neglect the general upkeep of your home

    Was your roof last reshingled during the Reagan administration? Is the siding literally falling off of your house? Is your fence a tap away from collapsing? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to either fork over the money for maintenance, or dust off the hammer and get to work. Your home looks more inviting when it doesn’t look like it has been abandoned after a nuclear attack.

  4. Collect tacky yard ornaments

    Nothing says trashy quite like a few tacky yard ornaments. If your yard is adorned with a pink flamingo, plastic deer or a tribe of gnomes, your taste will be called into to question. One or two isn’t bad, but several may provoke yard ornament thieves who altruistically want to reclaim the normalcy of the neighborhood.

  5. Leave your Christmas lights up year-round

    Don’t be that house – each neighborhood has one. After the completion of the holiday season, you put off taking down your Christmas lights by a week or two. Soon weeks turn into months, and months turn into a year. You might ask, “Who doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas all year long?” Your neighbors’ answer, “Us!”

  6. Undertake loud DIY projects during odd hours

    Some people either keep odd hours or simply can’t be separated from their DIY projects. Resultantly, they’re up hammering, drilling and sawing when they’re neighbors are sleeping. If you just can’t wait to finish that hotrod you’ve been working on in your garage, take an Ambien, rest up, and get back to work the next morning when the world is awake.

  7. Throw noisy parties and random times

    Noisy parties are another common source of neighborhood noise pollution. Don’t relive your college years and throw rowdy shindigs at random times. Not only is it an issue of interrupted sleep for your neighbors, but it’s also the accompanying trash and parking problems that come with most large gatherings. Nobody likes to come home to find beer bottles in their yard or a parked car blocking their driveway.

  8. If you have a downstairs neighbor, walk on your heels

    There isn’t a better way to annoy your downstairs neighbors in an apartment complex than with your feet. If you dance or stomp frequently, they probably hate you. Some people are simply heavy-footed, and their movement resembles the sound of an approaching Tyrannosaurus Rex. The issue is made even worse if your floor is creaky.

  9. Fight with your significant other regularly

    The nightly yelling matches with your significant other likely have your neighbors concerned and/or appalled. They don’t understand that you two just happen to be hotheaded and believe in the healthy venting of emotions. Regardless, it disrupts the peacefulness of the neighborhood and creates gossip.

  10. Spy and gossip

    If you’re overly curious about the lives of your neighbors and purvey gossip related to them, it’s probable they’ve built up some resentment toward you. Unless you’re absolutely addicted to attention, you probably wouldn’t appreciate it if your neighbors gathered to talk about your supposed marriage issues or troubles raising your children. Gossip comes full-circle.

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