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Archive for October, 2010

25 Great Blogs for Soccer Moms and Dads

Like many other parents, I have a son that has chosen to play in a youth soccer league. He passed on basketball, football, and every other sport to participate in soccer. It might be due to the fact that his siblings played or maybe it is just yet another example of how quickly youth soccer is expanding in the U.S. I’m not really sure, but I can tell you that when I was growing up there were exactly zero soccer leagues in my area of the country for kids. So I have spent quite a bit of time learning the game and reading different blogs. I thought I would share 25 youth soccer blogs with you in case you are interested in sharpening your soccer vocabulary.

1. US Youth Soccer
This is a great organization that helps organize youth soccer leagues for over 3 million kids across the U.S. Their blog has useful information from multiple bloggers and is a great way to stay up-to-date on youth soccer in the U.S.

2. Soccer Drill Book
If you are a parent of a child that loves soccer and don’t know how to help or encourage them in the sport then you can get great drill tips and other types of coaching advice to help your child from this blog.

3. Soccer for Parents Blog
Here you can get some good advice on how to coach a youth soccer practice and other soccer related teachable moments. There are also fund raising ideas and more on this blog.

4. On the Pitch Blog
This one is a little bit older now but has some great stories from a Dad/coach that are both interesting and helpful as you get to see how another parent handled some of the normal youth soccer challenges.

5. Soccer Mom Devotional
This is a great blog for busy moms everywhere and it’s mixed in with a lot of love for youth sports (even with all the driving kids to practices, games, etc.).

6. Pitch Invasion
This is a great article on the development of soccer for America’s youth. This blog in general is really well written and provides a more global perspective to our list of soccer blogs (okay, some MLS as well).

7. The Offside
The Offside
To really embrace youth soccer it’s also good to stay aware of what is going on at the Major League Soccer (MLS) level. You can then root for pro teams with your kids and stay knowledgeable about something they love.

8. Positive Coaching
This is a great blog about positive coaching that is especially important for those involved in youth soccer. We need to find good, positive ways to develop the skills and the little person inside each of our soccer kids.

9. DadLabs
Confront a Screamer
This is a great article about a challenge in all youth sports which is controlling the parents and their over enthusiastic cheers and jeers for their kid’s team.

10 . Story of Tori
This is a touching blog about a girl that loves soccer and also has a huge heart. Her other passion is related to thinking and caring about the people of Haiti that have been through so much recently. It’s just too great of a story to not include it on the list even though it has little to do with soccer at this point but everything to do with our youth.

11. Soccer Help Dictionary
Soccer Help
This is a great site that will significantly boost your knowledge of soccer terms. The next time you hear another parent or coach talk about a term you don’t know you can look it up here.

12. Play for Hope Blog
This blog is current and has some great tips for training kids regardless of their surrounding (this one takes place in Rwanda). I can’t express enough how inspiring this blog is and exceedingly informative about the sport and life goals.

13. American Youth Soccer Organization
This is another great American youth soccer site that has some great coaching/training materials and links to other resources that can really help you get the most out of your soccer kids.

14. 100% SOCCER
This blog is managed by a true-blue fan of youth soccer Nick Green. I think you will get a lot out of the book reviews and more on this site (I know I did).

15. Youth Soccer Coaching Drills Blog
Okay first I am going to warn you that this site is just adamant about forcing you to be aware of their free ebook (sort of annoying). However, it is worth getting annoyed as in the end it is helpful.

16. Coaching Youth Soccer
This blog has some links to some particularly interesting blog articles (like one on soccer shielding which I am guessing is a new term to you).

17. My Youth Soccer Equipment Blog
There are a ton of great posts about different brands and types of soccer equipment that are surprisingly useful and not just a commercial for different products..

18. Lawrence Youth Soccer
This looks like a great league, but it makes the list for differentiating between American and European youth soccer.

19. Youth Soccer Training
This blog is getting a little older, but has some great articles on strategy and positioning of soccer players which could really help some of us out.

20. MLS Fan Blog
Here is another great MLS fan blog that will help keep you on top of how your favorite MLS team is doing (I mean… how your child’s team is doing of course).

21. Jared Montz Soccer
This is just a flat out entertaining and interesting blog for anyone that loves soccer. It’s updated constantly with well written articles that are both easy to read and yet keep you aware of what is happening in our sport.

22. Coaching Soccer 101
If you put a 101 in front or behind anything you better be good at covering the basics and this site does not disappoint for first time assistant or head soccer coaches.

23. Amazing Football Skills
This blog has some great videos and tips for training skills that you can use at practice or at home.

24. GrassRootsCoaching
Okay another harassing ebook offer and yet another really useful blog that is worth the one-time pop-up ad you have to dismiss. There are some great ideas for coaching a team that may be struggling with the basics on this blog.

25. Soccer Couching Blog
“You don’t have to win to consider yourself successful” is one of my favorite articles on this blog which is all about giving the kids the foundations they need to build upon.

40 Top Nursing Home Blogs for Families

It can be a struggle to decide when the timing is right to put a loved one into a nursing home. In general, they aren’t overly thrilled about it and you can understand why as they are giving up some of the independence that they have enjoyed for so long (at least to some extent). That’s really a tough transition for the person going into the nursing home as well as for their friends and family who love and care for them. Part of the concerns stem from the grim news we hear so often about nursing home abuse and other potential ways that our loved one can be taken advantage of (financial scams, isolation, and more). The best thing that we can do is stay informed and make sure that we are vigilant about looking after their care by checking in on them on a regular basis. Another great way is to stay in touch with current events, things to watch for, and more by reading news and blogs related to nursing homes. I put together this list of 40 blogs to help keep you up-to-date on the latest in senior care.

1. Illinois Nursing Home Abuse Blog
This is an incredibly informational blog and the information is not specific to Illinois. You can stay on top of lawsuits involving nursing home care and much more with this blog which is updated daily with very relevant and professional articles.

2. Nursing Home Administrator
This is a really informal and interesting blog that sees nursing homes from the eyes of an administrator including some deep articles centered around dealing with the inevitability of dying.

3. Nursing Home Administrator
This is a similar blog that was really active in 2008 and 2009, but contains some well written and good articles for families.

4. Nursing Home Talk
This is a great blog for keeping track of what is happening in the industry from passing NHA exams to prescription drug cost assistance. This blogger is a licensed home nursing administrator.

5. Setting the Nursing Home on Fire
Okay, don’t get the wrong idea… This blogger is trying to inspire future and current nursing home administrators to innovate inside their nursing homes (this has nothing to do with matches).

6. Nursing Homes Abuse Blog
If you bookmark one blog from this list, make sure it is this one if you want to stay on top of all news surrounding nursing home abuse. This blog is always kept current and full of real world examples that drive the point home regarding the need for oversight in our nursing homes.

7. Legal Medicine
The blog offers discussion on topics about medical malpractice and nursing home abuse cases in a legal, but easy to understand way. One recent article title was “Let’s Put the Elderly in Jail”, see what inspired that title when you get a chance.

8. Nursing Home and Hospital Surveyor
Here you can learn practical things like what you need to do before meeting with a lawyer about nursing home care issues or abuse.

9. The Happy Hospitalist
This is a very active medical blog that tackles nursing home related care issues from the hospital’s perspective (daily informative articles are available).

10. Hospice and Nursing Homes
This blog is managed by a writer and hospice volunteer. Most of her topics talk about news and insights related to elderly care, nursing homes, and other health and death-related matters which are covered in articles, videos and interesting images.

11. My Better Nursing Home
This is a really interesting blog that tackles issues like substance abuse inside of nursing homes which is not something that people think about every day, but given the number of prescriptions it makes complete sense.

12. South Carolina Nursing Home Blog
Another very useful and well written legal block focused on various type of cases involving abuse in nursing homes. Again, not specific to just South Carolina.

13. The Guardian Blog
This blog discusses the rise in the number of nursing home abuse cases and addresses concerns around needing to prepare for a much larger number of aging baby boomers.

14. Nursing Home Blog
So many sad stories, but all of them are important for people looking to avoid running into similar issues. It’s really important to learn from what has happened to others while living in nursing homes.

15. Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Blog
Here we have a legal blog that is written by a group of attorneys in Pennsylvania but covers cases of abuse from all over the country.

16. Elder Care at Home
This blog focuses on Alzheimer’s disease as well as the efforts to take care of our elders at home and the daily challenges that families face when they embark on that journey.

17. Care Crunch
Wow! This blog is interesting because it talks about ways to keep the elderly active by exercising and other techniques depending upon the condition of the patients.

18. Aging Home Health Care
If you are committed to home health care but thinking about a nursing home you may find some assistance through the articles, news, and links on this blog.

19. Home Care Law Blog
This is a blog discussing the legal and policy issues in the home health care, private duty, and hospice industries, from a well established law firm.

20. South Carolina Nursing Home Lawyer
This is a legal blog as well but they have articles that also focus on helping people choose the right nursing home for their loved one and more items like that which extend beyond legal analysis.

21. New York Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog
-know the latest legal nursing home issues inside the state of New York from this blog.

22. Kentucky Injury law Blog
This legal blog is not quite as current but it does have some interesting cases and insights that could be really helpful.

23. Legal Nurse Consultant Tom
This is blog comes to us from a legal nurse’s perspective. I really like the way the writer approaches this blog as you really get a lot of good information on patient safety in nursing homes.

24. Nursing Homes Elderly
This one is a bit older (where did our writer go?). However, it is still very useful for a look at what others have been through in pretty much every State (lots of articles on this blog).

25. GNCS Health Care
This blog covers various types of training that are available for elderly care be it at home, hospice, or in a nursing home.

26. Code Blog
This nurse is a great writer (plain, well written articles) and includes a lot of real world stories that really bring up great points regarding care for the elderly.

Let’s branch out and recognize that nursing home care and elderly care is a World-wide issue. This is a blog from the Philippines that covers relevant current events in that country.

28. Advisor Med
This blog contains the latest buzz in healthcare including nursing homes and various illnesses. There are some really sad stories in there as well, but important to note.

29. Blog of the Nation
This is an excellent article about building a better nursing home… Find out what the author is thinking.

30. Minnesota Nursing Home and Neglect Attorney
This blog focuses on nursing home neglect as well as other nursing care related issues. Neglect in general though is very common so something that every family should be aware of.

31. Guide to Nursing Homes
This is a bit of a commercial site but it is really helpful for those that are trying to find a nursing home (they have a great database of nursing homes). However, they also have some great articles covering various aspects of nursing home selection criteria.

32. Elderly Work
This is a straight-forward article on how to choose the right nursing home for your loved one.

33. Hybrid Jungle
This blog actually covers a wide array of topics but includes a quick writeup about nursing home care.

34. Senior Home Care Association
This blog covers all kinds of illness that are common to the elderly along with some different ways to deal with each of them whether your loved one is in a nursing home or assisted living facility or not.

35. LawMed.Com
There are some inspiring articles about patients living to be 103 as well as some truly frightening stories on this blog. It’s really well written and very active, I highly recommend this one!

36. California Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Blog
Find out all of the latest court cases involving nursing cares in the State of California (and around the country). This is sponsored by another really dedicated law firm.

37. Hashemian Blog
This article touches on some of the challenges of deciding when a person belongs in a nursing home or assisted living center.

38. Health is the greatest wealth
This talks about how nursing homes SHOULD help extend the health and lives of our loved ones (a.k.a. elderly).

39. Hospice Blog
-This is an older but great article about risk management for hospices and nursing homes.

40. Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer
Finally, we finish off with a very current and well-maintained legal blog from some attorneys in Chicago. Lots of videos and good information on nursing home related court cases and what to do if you find yourself in need of an attorney to address nursing home abuse or neglect.

15 Essential Resources for Starting a Daycare

Hundreds if not thousands of parents have struggled with finding quality daycare for their children. With so many single parent families and families that need both parents to work, daycare providers are more in demand than ever. This is a great opportunity for people that love working with children and have the patience and perseverance to setup a quality daycare on their own. Daycares come in various sizes and flavors from in-home daycare setups to larger commercial daycare facilities (they each have their advantages and appeal for parents seeking daycare). Setting up any daycare can be a daunting task, but thankfully there are a lot of great resources out there to help people that are willing to answer this growing need in our society. I believe that caring for children is a calling but it is also a well established and regulated process. I put together a list of resources to help people looking to setup a daycare that includes books, eBooks, and starter kits to help them get their daycare up-and-running safely, legally, and as quickly as practical.

5 Great Books For DayCare Providers – If you are looking to start a daycare and either don’t know where to begin or are just dedicated to making sure you do everything the “right” way the first time (if there is a right way), then this list of 5 books will get you off to a great start whether you are starting a small or large daycare center.

  • The Day Care Manual: How To Set Up a Licensed Center
    By Attallah Brightwell, Ph.D.
    Sometimes it really helps to start out with a pocket resource that will get you headed in the right direction. This book is a quick reference that you will want to keep handy as you are setting up your daycare and navigating all the licensing requirements. It is only 52 pages, yet it lays out everything that is required in a clear, concise manner. It’s a great resource!
  • Director of Excellence: Practical Guidance for Running a Professional, Profitable, Exceptional Child Care Program
    By Christine Kalbaugh
    This book talks about how you can set your daycare center up to be one that is known for its excellence. It is about recognizing how significant the role of childcare is when raising our next generation of kids. The book is written by someone that has lived the life and can help apply real world stories and examples to help daycare providers and directors reach their full potential and more importantly the potential of the kids under their care.
  • How To Open Up A Daycare (Volume 1)
    By Kristen Middleton
    This is a practical guide that is 98 pages full of advice on subjects like making sure that your home is setup properly to pass inspections and other hurdles that you need to clear to have a licensed daycare in your home. All regulations are covered and example forms are discussed to help you get your daycare off on the right foot.
  • Opening A Specialized Daycare Business: Tips For Venturing Into A Day Care Facility That Stands Out for Values Not Just Profits
    By K M S
    This book talks about how to differentiate your daycare from the garden variety daycare choices that parents may have in your local area. How do you pick a curriculum for the kids? How do you make sure that you provide them with age appropriate learning skills? These questions and a lot more are answered in this book (along with the business aspects of starting a daycare).
  • How To Start a Daycare Business
    By Macey Grace
    This book is all about taking your passion for working with children and turning it into a rewarding career/business for you. The ins and outs of setting up a daycare are covered along with the normal self discovery that is required before you embark on your journey as an entrepreneur. Like the other books in this group, it’s a great reference to keep with you for the first few years as your daycare business evolves.

5 DayCare Starter Kits – Several successful daycare providers have put together startup guides and kits to make the process of opening up a licensed daycare simpler for those that are interested. These kits usually include information on licensing across the country as well as the various forms you need when operating a daycare (child registration forms, emergency contact forms, and much more). Here are some of the most popular starter kits though I have to warn you in advance, they are HEAVILY marketed and almost seem like get rich quick schemes (unfortunately, that is just a consequence of the form of marketing each author chose):

  • How to Start a Daycare
    This is a great kit for $29.95 that provides all of the materials in one eBook that will help you get your daycare business off to a great start. Like many of the starter kits, this looks a bit over-marketed but the information provided in the kit is very useful if you look pass the hard-sell for the value of the content being offered. The forms are great and it’s useful to have everything you need in such an affordable kit.
  • Starting a Daycare Center
    This is another great eBook/kit that sells for $29.95 and looks very complete. This particular kit has helped more than 5,700 people start their own successful daycare which seems like a pretty strong testimony to the effectiveness of the kit (or possibly the marketing skills of the author). I like the price point of the kit and the amount of forms included but also wanted to state that this kit is definitely focused on starting a daycare in your home.
  • Daycare Authority
    This is starter kit is a little more expensive $37, but it includes some additional information focused on hiring assistants and growing your small daycare into a larger business. The author tries to pave the way for you to be able to make around $50K per year initially and work your way up using the same principles taught in the kit.
  • Daycare Authority
    This is starter kit is a little more expensive $37, but it includes some additional information focused on hiring assistants and growing your small daycare into a larger business. The author tries to pave the way for you to be able to make around $50K per year initially and work your way up using the same principles taught in the kit.
  • Daycare Manager Pro
    This is actually a software program that will help you run and manage your daycare business for $49.95. It also includes eBooks on licensing, forms, and general setup of a daycare. It’s really an all-in-one solution that should help you get started a little faster.

5 Books for Parents – When a parent is looking for a daycare provider it can be hard to know whether or not you are choosing one that will provide the quality of care that you want for your child. This list of books will help you be able to objectively evaluate different daycare providers hopefully narrowing your list down to a handful (then you can pick the staff and facility you like the best from there). As a prospective daycare professional, this list is also important for you and can help you make sure you make the cut when parents are reviewing your facility.

  • Your Child’s Daycare: Everything you need to know from start to finish
    by Jeanette Lawrence
    This is a 298 page book that walks parents through the decision making process of selecting a daycare option for their child. It helps them understand the laws and regulations that daycare providers must follow as well as different tips on things to watch for when choosing a daycare center. This is an extremely controversial book not based upon the content but based upon the author. The author was a daycare owner that was convicted of involuntary manslaughter of a child under her care in October of 2010. It is very unfortunate that she didn’t follow all of the advice in her own book. However, I think it almost makes this book even more relevant for parents to read if they can set aside who will profit from the sale of the book.
  • Choosing Childcare for Dummies
    by Ann Douglas
    This is a part of a series of books that I love (__________ for dummies). I like it when authors break things down into as simple a set of instructions as possible. This book attempts to make one of the most challenging decisions a parent can face (choosing care for their children) as straight-forward a task as possible. For that reason, we recommend that parents and daycare providers alike read this book for ideas as they go through their process.
    by Jean Byler McCracken
    Wow! This is a great book for parents to really help them especially if they are struggling with figuring out a way that one parent could stay at home and raise their children. How do you have peace with child care? It’s a difficult decision and this book helps parents get through the decision with a calm, peaceful heart.
  • A Parent’s Guide to Locating Responsible Child Care: Discover How to Create A Safer Environment for Your Child
    by Ronald R. Capps
    The best aspect of this particular book revolves around all of the safety measures that it brings up to help you really find a daycare option that provides the safe environment that your child deserves. It helps in other ways as well as you evaluate new or existing childcare in a clear and objective way. Is your daycare safe or not? You will know soon enough if you read this book.
  • The Good Childcare Guide: How to Choose and Use the Right Care for Your Child
    by Hilary Pereira
    This is a 192 page reference guide to selecting the best childcare options for your specific child, their needs, and your values. What are you most concerned about when it comes to childcare? Is that what you should be most concerned about? If you are not sure, then pickup this guide and let it guide you to the right choice for your family.

35 Hog Wild Harley Blogs

There really is nothing quite like the sound of a Harley Davidson motorcycle getting fired up and ready to hit the road. It’s a distinctive sound that once you hear, you are hooked (okay, or put-off but this article isn’t for those people). If you have ever gone hog wild yourself, you understand that riding a Harley is not just about a fine piece of machinery (which of course they are), it’s about freedom and the opportunity to feel the wind in your face. It’s about riding in rallies and enjoying the comradery of an exclusive group that recognize their members from around the World. If you are a hog enthusiast you can find brothers and sisters across the globe that share your love and passion for HD. If you can’t hit the road as often as you would like but want to see what others are up to we put together a list of 35 hog wild Harley blogs just for you. These are just a sampling of the best we could find on the web if you have any others to recommend, please let us know:

1. The Harley Davidson Museum Blog
This is a great blog currently with four contributors that write interesting articles about their rides. They also cover various Harley events and events surrounding the Harley Museum. It’s a very active blog and as the official Harley Davidson museum blog, worth cruising over to.

2. Harley Davidson
This blog contains details, photos, and reviews of different Harley Davison models. It’s an interesting selection of motorcycles and a quick read.

3. Harley Riders Guide
This is a great current events blog surrounding Harley motorcycles. You can see new news on the next generation of bikes and much more on this really active and great resource for hog fans.

4. Sound Harley-Davidson
This blog is all about the sound of a great Harley getting fired up and the chills it sends up your spine. The blog was started in 2006 but hasn’t been active in a bout a year. The articles though are really interesting on this no frills, but cool blog.

5. Glory Road
I normally wouldn’t include an older blog like this in the list but this is interesting because the articles come from the eyes of a dealer and just have a different spin. I like it quite a bit.

6. roi HARLEY-DAVIDSON Malaysia
Here we add a little international flavor with a great Malaysian Harley blog which announces new motorcycle releases over there as well as some great articles from someone passionate about Harleys.

7. Arizona Harley Dude
Paul Malone is an Arizona Harley dude. He writes about his adventures and various rides that he has been on along with general information about driving and maintaining a Harley.

8. Northwest Harley Blog
This blog began in 2007 and has over 200 well written articles about Harleys and other current events related to Harley riders like California motorcycle laws and much more. It’s really a well written blog that you will enjoy reading on a regular basis.

9. Many thoughts of Harley girl
This blog is from a self proclaimed harley biker chick. She actually works for an annuities company in Des Moines, IA by day and is an avid biker chick in her spare time. You won’t find a more interesting read. This is actually my favorite blog on the list.

10. Harley Bound, Heaven Bound
Harley Bound, Heaven Bound is about a born again Christian who found support in a group of Christian bikers. This blog chronicles their adventures together as they grow in faith and put miles on their bikes.

11. Chronicles of a Harley Davidson Rider
This blog captures the ride history of one man as he attends rallies and enjoys time on the road with his Harley. It’s a fun read with a lot of humor.

12.Hells Angels MC World
Okay this site isn’t exclusively about Harleys but has a ton of great information on them along with just being interesting in general. I mean… it’s a Hells Angels blog for cyrin out loud!

13. House of Harley
House of Harley comes to us from Milwaukee, WI. They have a lot of great pictures on the site and a bike of the week feature that is always interesting.

This blog features comprehensive articles regarding various Harley Davidson’s parts and functions. It also has tons of photos.

15. Harley Accessories/ Davison Parts and Accessories
This blog has feature articles covering topics like why harleys are more popular than ever and other interesting subjects. It is not just about accessories, it is much more than that (not that it wouldn’t be enough).

16. Harley Davison Sporster
This blog has several great bike shots and videos obviously revolving around sportsters. The owner is sidelined by a surgery right now but is looking forward to getting his sporti back on the road.

17. Custom Harley
There are various stories and pictures from 2007 to 2009 on this blog including a near selling experience for the author and his road king (still safely in his garage as far as we know).

18. HawgBlog
The HawgBlog features several great stories about people and their bikes including a true story of a man and his bike with over 350,000 miles on it. Wow, now THAT is impressive!

19. Christine’s corner
This blog is written by a female biker living and riding in the Rockies (Colorado). She writes about safety and other really good tips for other bikers. Oh, she has a Fatboy and the “Y” word we won’t mention.

20. The Ride
A Canadian biker/blogger, eh? Yeah great pics and a good read await you at this blog. You can read about his rides and the machines he is currently infatuated with.

21. Road Captain USA.Com
This blog is an essential source of information for HD motorcycle enthusiasts. It contains numerous photos and articles that will educate you on the subject of Harleys even if you thought you knew it all.

22. PlanetHarley
This is a mile high harley blog that is really current and full of interesting feature articles about things like properly storing your bike in the Winter, etc. Tons of articles and pics for your blogging pleasure.

23. Blaze of Glory Offroad
This blog shares exciting adventures of different riders with their Harley motorcycles and other off-road vehicles (hmmm… I just said Harley and off-road I guess you will have to go to the site to see what I mean). Readers will have fun reading the narrations and viewing the photos and videos as well.

24. Best Motor Pictures
This blog features photos of a wide range of motorcycle brands, but dedicates a great deal of space to HD.

25. Savannah HD
This is a newly redesigned blog coming to us from a dealer located in Savannah, GA. It is current with lots of useful ride info and more.

26. Bike Talk
Since 1997 this has been a place for motorcycles lovers and Harley Davidson aficionados to share their insights, inquiries and comments regarding bike specifications and riding adventures.

27. Harley Davidson in China
This is a great article on a cool biking blog that adds some more international flavor to the list. Check out what else this site has to offer us Harley fans.

28. Wind and Fire MC
This blog will insatiate readers with information and photos about Harley driving and related stuff. This blog is maintained by a group of firefighters who at the same time are staunch Harley aficionados.

29. Thunder from the East
Here is a different international twist looking at Asian HD fans and events. It’s interesting to see that HD is a true international phenomenon.

30. Cool
Lets quietly ignore the fact that they mention other bikes on this blog and just look at the HD section of the site. It’s a current and interesting place for bikers to congregate.

31. Bikerscum-Patrick St. Jean
Harleys, ham radio, and other interesting topics are covered in this blog. Because of the collection of topics it is a really interesting place to visit regularly.

32. Harley Davidson Bikes | HOG News | Motorcycles | Sales
This blog contains various news, events and useful information regarding harley Davidson motorcycles along with some solid harley links/resources.

33. West Coast Bikers
This is s forum/blog most advantageous to people who are passionate about Harley Davidson motorcycles and the adventure it brings to their lives.

34. Harley Davidson Streetglide
This is a new blog (up-and-coming) that features current events, videos, and pictures of HD bikes and owners.

35. HD Talking
A forum on anything about Harleys and many other motorbike models and brands. This site serves as hub for Harley enthusiasts to exchange views, share experiences and ask questions.

40 Resources For Creating Your Man Cave

Most people are familiar with the term man cave, but if you aren’t we are talking about that one place in the house that is not full of women’s stuff (clothes, shoes, etc.) or kid’s toys. This is a place where men can be men and do manly things. You may think this is ridiculous but I assure you it is not, there are several reasons why this is a great idea and this article will attempt to address some of those. The idea is to make it a personal sanctuary where the rules are your rules and it is much easier for you to watch your shows, play your games, and other things that you would typically do with a few buddies (poker, watch action movies, watch football, drink beer, etc.). It has become increasingly popular for men to seek out a man cave with 1 out of 4 requiring a man cave (room just for them) in their next home. If you are looking for a man cave or even if you are just curious here are 40 great resources for creating a man cave:

1. Man Caves
This is an interesting blog that is directed at men building out man caves with categories like man cave rants and much more. It also covers a wide array of topics from yoga to bogy building equipment (weights for all of us cave dwellers).

2. Man caves. Geek cowboy
This is a really fun blog that describes itself really well with the first paragraph: “Every man needs a place to be a man. Enter MAN CAVES. A sanctuary of high definition entertainment, videogames, beer, sports, and other hijinks that can only occur in the company of real men.” He recently consolidated a couple of his blogs but this is still an okay starting point.

So Buzzle has a bunch of articles related to man caves so I am just pointing you to one that was written by a woman wanting to get her husband to turn the garage into his man cave (it promises that four simple steps are all that is required).

4. Mantuary
With features like the “Mantuary of the Month” you have to check this blog out! It is funny and frankly a perfect place for testosterone junkies to get their fix and half a laugh. Sadly, it’s not kept as current as I would like but the name alone makes it worth a look.

5. A man cave report
I’m not sure if this is truly a gaming site (xbox) or a man cave site, but since they have man cave in the name I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. In any event it’s a quick read especially for gamers (though several posts have some age to them).

Here is another look at turning your garage into a man cave via the baby steps approach. Take a look at step 1 and work your way up from there. Instructables has a lot more (tons of topics), it’s a great site and kept very current!

7. Relax male Bonding Crap Shoot
Man caves and male bonding go hand-in-hand although this may not be your idea of male bonding (minds out of the gutter folks, it’s not like THAT). Just some guys, some music, and a blow-up wading pool (which I have literally seen in man caves before so don’t knock it).

8. Man Cave Radio
This is a blog site dedicated actually to sports but goes by the name man cave and covers topics that are directly related to man caves (the most important of which is sports of all kinds).

9. Man cave sports
This talks all about sports from gyms and pumping iron to all the latest NFL action, you can fill your man cave with the sound of sports.

10. My Badpad
MyBadPad is all about some pretty sweet man caves (great pictures as well). In addition they have other solid and timeless classic articles like “55 Beers That Will Knock You Flat On Your Ass.”

11. The Man Cave
In the darkness of the man cave there is only gaming, beer, and silly hats. Okay well at least for this site which is fun and worth a quick visit.

12. Asylum for all mankind
This blog is full of interesting reads including: Why a Man Cave Can Help Marriage Endure. So save your marriage and build your man cave!

13. The Art of Manliness
You really owe it to yourself to check out the article on 14 Famous Man Caves for inspiration and to bring out the green monster of envy in you.

14. DB
This is really interesting as it chronicles the step-by-step construction of a real man cave with pictures at each stage of the project. Dancing Brave… that title is way weird but the site is top notch.

15. Innovation gone wrong
Man Caves or Mantuary
Okay, this blog is in general about a larger subject but I wanted to focus in on this particular article which tries to encompass the essence of the man cave.

16. Shecky’s
Here is more support coming from an unusual source with a really well written argument detailing first why men need their own space and then why that is a good thing for the women in their lives.

17. “Atlanta Beer Snob”
A man cave normally has a fridge full or at least partially full of beer. This blog is written by a beer advocate and self proclaimed beer snob. It’s just here to class up the list a little (j/k). Fun blog!

18. Zoot Patrol
Here we have a top ten listing of man caves complete with high resolution pictures that are truly spectacular. The one with about a thousand guns is a little disturbing but you have to admire the commitment to the theme.

19. The Man Cave OR OR Pretty Princess
This blog is basically a combination of various interests of three different people—the dad, son and daughter. Accordingly it has a wide variety of appeal and something that most man cave seekers can relate to.

20. The Man’s Room
This blog is all about big boy toys (a staple of the man cave). There are some interesting uses of beer cans explained on this site as well as some decent home theater tips.

21. The Newlyweds Paradise
This is a great article and reveal of a low budget man cave that looks great and serves the purpose well. Check it out if you want to see how he built his cave for less than $500.

22. Laptopsall
This blog is mostly about computers but this particular post contains a video that shows off Rich’s man cave. The more examples the better and if you are into a multi-monitor setup for the computer in your man cave you might want to check this out. Looks like a great gaming setup for Rich!

This is an actual news article on man caves and how they give guys a chance to be guys (not that you can’t do that without a cave but you get the point).

24. Build Direct Blog
These ultimate man caves are just sick! I mean in the best possible way. You have to check out the videos and pictures for things like pool tables that raise and lower from underground, etc. I want one of those!

25. Make: technology on your time
There are some great pictures to accompany this handyman’s man cave. If you are into your workshop and want to turn that into your man cave then this is something you are going to like a lot.

26. Kickapps
A stripper pole in your man cave, hmmm… That’s interesting. There are some new and some repeat pictures of other man caves for you to checkout on this site.

27. 21red
What kind of TV and/or other equipment makes for a perfect man cave? Why don’t you read this quick article and find out.

28.Luann Colmenro
This is a quick article for wives and girlfriends that offers some interesting ideas for gifts that they can get their man for his man cave. I mean once you have your cave you need to regularly improve it right? Okay, not really but it doesn’t hurt.

29. Oddee
There are twelve great man caves here including one which puts you smack dab in the middle of a star wars movie.

30. Gardener Fox Remodeling
This is site is truly professional with some excellent example of man caves for you (and me) to drool over. Some of them are just spectacular (actually most of them). Unfortunately, I don’t live in Philadelphia but I am really impressed with their work.

31. The Finishing Touch
This article explains the intent of a man cave and makes a pretty shameless pitch for the DIY Network tv show. It’s a good article though for sure.

32. The DIY Showoff
Here is another shot-by-shot look at the decorating of a man cave and it includes a really interesting use of wine corks that you will have to see to believe.

This article also describes the intent behind a man cave at a high level. I also think it has a good picture of a reasonable and fun-looking man cave.

34. Joseph and Curtis
If you dream of having a wine cellar in your man cave then you have to check this particular site out as they have some great pictures and some good instructions to offer.

35. The Garage Plan Shop
So it ponders the question, “is your garage the ultimate man cave?” It gives some good information and should especially help those looking to build a man cave in their garage.

36. Butterfield photography
This blog has some professional photos of a room going from really basic into an extremely impressive Nascar man cave.

37. The Jewel Box Home
You get a look at a wide variety of man caves including one with several football helmets hanging on the walls that you really have to see.

This article is interesting as it talks about the increasing demand for man caves and how several men are now making it a requirement when they are looking for a new home (where will my man cave be?.

39. Perfect Man Cave
This is a forum where the name pretty much speaks for itself. If you want the perfect man cave you may want to join this forum to get ideas and assistance as you need it.

40. Electronic House
This is another great top 10 list related to man caves but all in pursuit of the manliest man cave. What does that men? I guess you will have to go check it out..