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Archive for November, 2010

40 Idea Blogs for Kids Crafts

So you are sitting at home with your kids and they are constantly complaining about how bored they are but have zero ideas as to what they should do about it. This is a tough situation because any of us could rattle off a hundred things that we would have done when we were kids (or even now if time permitted). However, one idea that I have started to test at my house is to have crafts ready to go for the kids so when they are bored they can create something fun, interesting, and actually do something worthwhile with their free time versus whipping out their Nintendo DS or sitting in front of the TV. In order to come up with ideas, I researched these 40 blogs for different craft ideas that are appropriate for my kids and thought I would share the list with you:

1. A Learners Diary
– A blog containing simple and easy-to-do crafts activity for kids of all ages.

2. Cool Kids Craft
– A blog giving instructions for various kid-friendly handicrafts including scrapbooking.

3. Lets Explore
– A fun and colorful blog that features various DIY handicrafts for kids.

4. The Crafty Crow
– Blogsite dealing with DIY crafts for kids and adults alike.

5. Plaid Kids
– A blog explaining various crafts and a source for simple project ideas.

6. One Pretty Thing
– This contains cute and cuddly projects and crafts tips for toddlers and parents.

7. Create Kids Craft
– A website that lists down projects based on materials. A wide variety of things to create hundreds of safe and non-toxic materials.

8. Easy Kids’ Craft Blog
– Simple website containing pointers, tips and links to handicrafts for kids.

9. Pre School Craft
– Contains tips and tricks in one nifty blog.

10. Handicraft Weblog
– An exciting blog about handicrafts for kids, as well as adults wanting to engage in playful activities

– A website with tons of tips and projects for kids.

12. Nice Kids Apron
– Contains lots of blog entries about ongoing projects as well as tips and great advice for parents.

13. Whip Up
– A blog for crafts for both young and old alike.

14. Bohemian Revolution
– A blog that contains tips for both parents and kids handicraft projects.

15. Hobbies and Pastimes
– A blog that contains a lot of tips and project suggestions.

16. Kotkarankki
– blog that focuses on cloth based handicrafts both for adults and kids.

17. My Handicrafts Collection
– Blog that features new projects, events and tips for kid and parents.

18. Anne Maries Quilt
– A blog designed for kids and adults that focus on quilting.

19. Brown Owls
– A blog that focuses on brown owls showing toys and other handicrafts for both kids and parents.

20. Brown Owl Members
– Another brown owls blog run by members of the original brown owl blog. Contains new projects and updated tips for the handicraft makers.

21. Bitzlis
– Contains blogs and entries for purse making and other similar handicrafts aimed for both kids and adults.

22. Regina’s Quilt Blog
– A germany based blog dealing with quilting made simple for both parents and adults.

23. Curves N Color
– Painting blog that gives tips and projects for the whole family to enjoy.

24. They Draw and Cook
– A blog that features cooking as a handicraft and hobby, possible for anyone.

25. Paper Jewellery
– A blog that contains handicraft tips and tricks for making paper jewellery that can be made even by kids.

26. Easy Craft
– blog that delivers easy-to-make handicrafts for people of all ages.

27. Mindfull Meanderings
– a blog specifically designed for kids with projects and materials using kids toys and stuff.

28. My Experiment with Needle and thread
– A blog that focuses primarily on needle and quilting handicraft projects.

29. Deeps Creativity
– A blog on painting and other handicrafts aimed for both parents and kids.

30. Stamp Challenges
– A blog that deals with stamp collecting and how kids can enjoy and start handicrafts and stamp collecting.

31. Pleasure in stitching
– blog dedicated to stitching handicrafts. This isn’t exclusively for girls, as you would see here.

32. Aspiring Art
– Great blog containing new projects and old perfect for kids including origami ideas.

33. Art Campus
– A blog that contains news and updates as well as galleries featuring finished kids and adults crafts.

34. Ghost Yarn Tales
– A blog that deals with embroidery which can be a good resource to teach kids on how to embroider cloth.

35. Crochet Collection
– A blog featuring a collection of crochet related projects and tips.

36. Patch Garden
– A blog that deals with gardening as a craft. A great resource for parents to help raise interest in gardening.

37. Embroideroo
– A blog that is dedicated solely to embroideroo topics including that for kids.

38. Kalalayaa – Art Club
– A blog dealing with art featuring a segment particularly designed for kids and parental activities.

39. Krafty World
– A blog site perfect for parents who wants to have kids learn more about handicrafts.

40. A Cuppa Tea with me
– Blog focused entirely on cross stitching with projects and reviews for parents and kids.

15 House Plants Anyone Can Care For

This should be an interesting blog for those who have no green thumb, yet long for plants to adorn your home or apartment. There is a joke in our family that if I want a plant killed I give it to my daughter-in-law. Notice I said joke, for as our family stories go, they tend to gather personal bents (according to who is telling the story) until the original story is not as funny as the new one.

Who has time to fuss over a lot of house plants, you say? “Then by all means give it to me in plain English.” Remember these are only suggestions, therefore choose 5-6 and see how it goes before adding more.

  1. How about the Peace Lily? The Peace Lily has commonly been referred to as the closet plant due to its ability to live without direct light. Watch for discoloration of leaves. This may mean it is getting too much light. Though lighting is an easy care, it does require lots of water. This plant needs plenty to drink.
  2. The Mother-in-law’s tongue is one I grew up knowing. It for sure is a conversation piece, but in defense of Mother-in-law’s, it is also called a Snake Plant. Hereinafter I will refer to it as the Snake Plant. It needs moderate watering and it will tolerate low lighting as well. It is a very tough plant to add to others for the garden effect of your room.
  3. The Ficus Tree is very adaptable to the indoors. With its leathery foliage which is dark green in color and covers the weeping branches, the Ficus Tree needs consistent moisture or otherwise you will experience the loss of leaves.
  4. Aloe – Aloe is not just a popular ingredient in hand lotion, it’s a common houseplant as well. Easy to take care of, aloe is a succulent plant with thick, juicy leaves. A medicinal plant, aloe can be used to treat superficial burns. Simply break off a leaf, and squeeze the Aloe Vera gel onto the afflicted area. They do need bright indirect light however.
  5. Philodendron is another easy to care for plant and a handsome one to boot. It can be set just about anywhere as long as it isn’t in direct light. As for watering, the type soil it is planted in should be a soil that drains well. The Philodendron should not set in soggy soil.
  6. Virtually impossible to kill is the Cactus. After you purchase your Cactus plant, change the soil even if you place it back in the same container. In the right soil, it will need no fertilizer at all. Also it needs very little water. Never use tap water. Use collected rainwater instead. This is a house plant that will love direct light. NOTE: A Cactus does not necessarily mean it has the awful prickly needles. There are other varieties that do great inside in containers.
  7. Ivy Plants. There are many variations of the ivy plant, but the most common ivy houseplants have bird’s foot leaves and are probably Glacier and Irish Lace. Don’t over water an ivy plant, and watch it thrive in low light.
  8. Spider Plant is often seen in front windows. It is known to reproduce baby spider plants, and thrives with little water and a little sun. The baby spider shoots can be picked off and repotted for additional plants.
  9. Wax plant – Along with the ivies and spider plants, the wax plant does well in a hanging basket. Wax plants need a little more direct sunlight than do the ivy and spider plants, but otherwise are easy to care for.
  10. Wandering Jew – This could easily be my favorite because of the pictures it evokes. While this house plant does best in moist soil, it is also an easy plant to grow in a bowl of water as well. My favorite way is in a hanging basket so the branches eventually cover the basket growing toward the ground. It is purple in color.
  11. Bamboo Plants – now here is a novel idea. Plant in a bowl of water. Talking about difficult to kill, here is one I’ll give my daughter-in-law. All jokes aside, this plant housed in a glass bowl, (Ceramic bowl is not suggested) needs water refreshed on occasion. These also work great outdoors in soil as a border plant.
  12. Let’s turn our eyes toward flowering plants. Even though going green is in, I enjoy color whether outside or in. The African Violet is a native of Africa where the tropical temperatures create a beautiful flower. Planted in a tea cup type dish and set on the end table where they will receive bright, yet not direct, light it should do well. Water from below; meaning allow the container to set in a saucer of water, thus it pulls the water up through the roots.
  13. What a lovely powerful smell the Jasmine has. It produces white flowers and is great for windowsills with bright light. Keep soil moist but not wet making sure it doesn’t dry out between watering.
  14. Oxalis is associated with St. Patrick’s Day in March as one of the varieties is called the Shamrock. The stem has a three pronged leaflets that grow from a tiny bulb; the leaves close up at night; flowers almost constantly in shades of yellow, white and pink. Thrives best in a sunny window with moist soil.
  15. Again here is one of my favorites, the Geranium. I have these planted outside in large pots. They also will thrive all winter, blooming as well as when on the patio. They do need sun, and moist soil, just not too wet. Allow the top two inches of the soil to get dry before watering again. In the spring after all fear of frost, they can go back out side.

For sure, these are not all of the easy care plants. However this will give you a start. Happy house gardening.

10 Groups That Can’t Afford Health Insurance

There is an estimated nearly 50 million Americans today without health insurance because they aren’t able to afford it and whether you dissect the numbers and shrink the amount or not, this is a drastic amount of people that are without health insurance. If you have ever been without health insurance, you would know that it is extremely difficult to obtain quality health care without it and you will likely be left relying on the emergency room and a great deal owed in hospital bills. When it comes to other medical costs, you will likely have to ignore these costs in order to afford those you need more. When examining those that aren’t able to afford insurance today, there are 10 groups that can’t afford health insurance that is substantial or at all.

  1. College Students. College students are amongst one of the largest populations of people that aren’t able to afford insurance. Most of the reason they aren’t able to afford insurance is due to the high costs of schooling and other related expenses.
  2. The Self-Employed. Those who are self-employed take on a vast array of costs, including that of their own health insurance. However, paying for insurance can be very difficult when striving to operate a self-run business with the many costs associated.
  3. Parents. There is a double sided dilemma when it comes to health insurance for parents as they either insure themselves or their children, or both with decreased quality. When it comes to family plans, the costs can be too large, leaving parents having only Medicaid as a qualified and affordable option.
  4. Working Class Citizens. Today’s businesses aren’t offering the best health insurance plans, and for many working class citizens, they are left without any health insurance at all. Finding an individual plan can be too costly alone, and will leave this group without any affordable options for health insurance with the many income limitations for Medicaid.
  5. Seniors. This is another group that is one of the largest to not have access to affordable health insurance. There are many seniors that encounter very high medical care costs, especially when it comes to long term care or assisted living. For these seniors, Medicare options are possible, but there can be several gaps in coverage that leave them without adequate insurance for their needs.
  6. Disabled Citizens. The disabled citizens in the U.S. are at a disadvantage when it comes to obtaining quality health care, especially due to the many various health care costs that are taken on by this group. Finding affordable insurance with a disability can be very difficult outside the federal range.
  7. Chronically Ill Citizens. Those who are chronically ill suffer from the inability to find quality insurance for a reasonable price. There are so many different chronic disease one may be suffering from, which can severely limit the options for health insurance they are able to access.
  8. Terminally Ill Citizens. Those with a terminal illness can have a hard time finding quality insurance for a cheap price, with several costs that are incurred to treat or manage the illness. With very high end-term medical care costs anticipated, getting cheaper insurance is almost impossible for these people.
  9. Pregnant Women. Women who are pregnant are expecting a great little bundle of joy, or perhaps more than one, but they are also expecting some great medical costs for pre-term and post-term care. These women are often not able to afford health insurance leaving them searching for medical assistance through the local government.
  10. Small Business Owners. Small business owners today have so much trouble affording health insurance for the employees within due to the rising costs of health care and an economy that isn’t always favorable on businesses. For this reason, many small businesses won’t offer insurance plans for employees, will cut amount the business pays towards the premium, or will obtain lesser quality in the plan obtained.

There are many groups that aren’t able to afford health insurance, which is the basis of the need for healthcare reform, which will increase access to high quality policies no matter what conditions are present for a price that is reasonable and affordable to most. Finding an affordable health care plan isn’t always easy, however, with many people looking towards Medicaid and Medicare for health insurance, while a large portion of today’s workers earn too much to qualify for the benefits and too little to afford a plan that is substantial enough to meet health care needs adequately.

10 Legit Reasons for HealthCare Reform

HealthCare Reform is a very controversial subject in most subjects and topics, with many questioning the purpose and many wondering about the true intent, with a lot more people anticipating the changes the reform proposes. Businesses and individuals of all groups have had many troubles and challenges when it comes to obtaining adequate insurance for coverage that meets the needs of those that need it. Previous medical conditions can easily disqualify you for medical coverage you may need, even if the condition no longer affects your health. Healthcare costs have been on a steady increase for such a long time, leaving businesses no longer able to pay for health insurance for their employees, or cutting back the coverage they are able to provide. If you just aren’t sure what the HealthCare Reform is needed for, take a look at these 10 legit reasons for HealthCare Reform.

  1. Expansion of Medicaid and Medicare Coverage. There are many gaps in Medicaid and Medicare coverage, mainly due to the fact that it is for those with low income and funded through the Federal Government, leaving those with these benefits suffering from gaps in need of further insurance. HealthCare Reform is proposed to greatly lessen the gaps in these coverage plans, offering more specialized services needed by those who use these plans.
  2. Guaranteed Coverage. There are so many individuals that seek out insurance these days and are held back by various disqualifications that are very common. When it comes to obtaining insurance, providers can easily deny coverage for a number of reasons. HealthCare Reform is set to provide guaranteed coverage for anyone who needs health insurance, ensuring these people can have adequate insurance to meet their needs, regardless of past conditions or current conditions as well.
  3. Regulation of Insurance Provider Spending. When insurance premiums and deductibles are paid, the insurance company is receiving money from its consumers, that all falls within the company’s funds. HealthCare Reform will be significant in regulating the costs of insurance companies, ensuring that the consumers’ money is spent in the appropriate place on the appropriate item.
  4. Access to Coverage for Working Class Individuals. Working class individuals aren’t offered many great plans these days due to the many cuts in healthcare lately. Businesses will offer employee sponsored plans, but many will be quite high in costs and can be outweighed with the benefits of individual and family plans that the HealthCare Reform proposes to bring about.
  5. More Choices and Better Stability. HealthCare Reform is needed to provide more choices to those with affordable insurance, allowing for better stability in services and coverage, as well as costs, allowing healthcare costs to decline. The Reform will bring better quality of services as well, ensuring that the dollar spent is well received.
  6. Limits on Out-of-Pocket Costs. Out-of-pocket costs for medical care shouldn’t be extraneous, which is why so many people are pleased with the HealthCare Reform’s proposal to limit these costs. Many times, health insurance co-pays are so high that there is no use for the policy provided.
  7. Small Business Relief. While small businesses greatly appreciate their employees and wish to offer great plans for health insurance, the healthcare costs of today can severely limit the coverage these businesses can offer, greatly demotivating employees. HealthCare Reform will break down healthcare costs, allowing businesses to get access to more affordable plans for their employees.
  8. Improvement to Medicaid for Seniors and Disabled Individuals. Much of the high costs for health coverage and co-pays come from prescription medication needed by the elderly and disabled on Medicare. HealthCare Reform will severely decrease these costs, allowing these individuals to access the coverage to costs that are more commonly incurred for health care and prevention.
  9. Benefits for Uninsured Children. Uninsured children make up a large portion of children in the U.S. and HealthCare Reform proposes the solution to ensure these children are no longer uncovered for services that they need, including preventative care and emergency care as well.
  10. Modernized System. HealthCare Reform is going to modernize the healthcare system, enabling costs to be curbed in a more effective manner. This will prevent unnecessary costs that are highly draining the economy and the system, while those with coverage are losing benefits.

HealthCare Reform proposes to be the solution to so many issues in healthcare today. While there are so many people without healthcare, they will still need the appropriate care in one way or another. The amount of money the U.S. spends in repaying the costs left by uninsured individuals is quite dramatic, hence the great solution found with the HealthCare Reform. With this legislation in effect, there is more access to health insurance for low income and impoverished families, allowing them to avoid running out on healthcare costs which saves money for the U.S. as a whole.

10 Ways to Make Your Home Winter Safe

Safety may mean different things to different people.  At this time of year as Winter is just setting in though we need to consider measures that we can take to protect our home and family from the elements.

  1. Pest proof – Growing up in the country-winter time meant mice that produced mice and had a way of hiding until my boyfriend was setting beside me on the couch in the evening.  My mother being a neat-nick placed mouse traps in strategic places to catch the bulk of them.  Now-a-days we are smarter, living in better homes and understand the basic need of outside vermin as being the same as with people.
  2. Therefore on the top of the list for eliminating Pests would be Cleanliness.  Keep the source of food away  from outside pests and as much as possible traps out of the way of small children or pets.

  3. Leaves have a way of falling from the neighbor’s trees as well as our own.  Keep       walkways swept and free of leaves and debris.
  4. Having a smoke detector is great – however it is of no value unless the batteries are in working order. Put new batteries  in the smoke detector.
  5. Having gas heat is the norm for many homes whether in the North or South.  This leads us to say, Check the carbon monoxide detector – make sure it is in working order. Mark your calendar so that when the time changes again in the spring, you will remember to check those batteries again.  Good precaution for sure.
  6. Have a professional come by and check the heating unit to be sure it is in working order for the long winter months.
  7. Making sure clutter of any kind is away from open flame space heaters, or a wall heater is a must.
  8. For those of us who must go to the street for the mail, having a bag of salt or sand on hand to sprinkle on the icy areas of the driveway or sidewalk can sure save a trip to the emergency room.
  9. Keep house shoes handy for those cold winter mornings when your feet first hit the floor.  As a rule our kitchens are tiled and cold, and even though this may not seem a safety hazard, think of it this way.  Trying to tip-toe across the cold floor to get the coffee going, could cause one to get off balance and fall.  I say, keep house slippers close by the bed for comfort as well as safety.
  10. With Christmas and Hanukah coming in the winter months, where we decorate for the season, it is important to replace extension cords that may be frayed.  Also plugging directly into a wall outlet is much better than using an extension cord in the first place..
  11. And last but not least, keep clutter away from living areas and walk-ways. Pets have a way of leaving their favorite toys wherever they will.  Children are no different, and for sure both must be trained to put toys out of the path of grandma who isn’t as agile as she once was.

Winter months are a great nesting time.  Making a special effort to be safe can make the long lazy days of winter happy times as well as safe and memorable ones.

10 Ways to Save Money On Your Grocery Bill

For someone who has been shopping for as many years as I have, I should be an expert on the subject of saving money.  However there are some housewives I do know who have surpassed me in their knowhow. I still must give myself credit for having learned to use every means at my disposal to save money on my grocery bill.

Everyone is talking about the rise in prices on a gallon of milk, to a head of lettuce.  I don’t see an end to it all other than buying our own cow and raising a garden.  Let me hasten to add, I live in the city and will assume most of  the readers of this column do as well, so drop the thought of milking a cow.

Seriously though, many neighbors in communities are coming together to grow a community garden.  One would be amazed at the difference it makes on vegetables in summer months.

First things first.

  1. Clipping coupons.  I take our Sunday paper just to get the coupons.  As a rule there are several coupon magazines in our Sunday paper.  Another source for coupons is web sites like., or or , plus many others.
  2. Occasionally I find family pack meats that have more than my husband and I can eat at one setting, so I purchase the family pack and wrap several meals in good freezer paper, mark the day of purchase (for future reference).  There are weeks, I do not have to purchase meats.  Realistically this may not work with a large family of course.
  3. I wouldn’t make it a habit going to the grocery store every day, but learning when your grocer marks down items that are about to expire will give you some good meat purchases
  4. Check the sale paper of your favorite store – and compare prices with other stores in driving distance.
  5. When there is a sale stock up.
  6. Plan ahead.  Make a menu.  Know what you’ll need for an entire week or month as the case may be.
  7. Be sure – I repeat – Make sure you do not go grocery shopping when you are hungry!!
  8. Shop at stores who offer savings cards.
  9. Never and I mean never purchase boxed dinners when the ole fashioned way of preparing from scratch taste better, and is more economical.
  10. Go when the kids are in school.  Most mothers will thank me for that tid bit of information.  You’re welcome by the way.

I’m sure you have already learned of other ways and will add to my knowhow.  I am not ready to stop searching for ways to save, for who knows what tomorrow holds.  Until then, you and I together can be smart and informed shoppers.

25 Blogs About Babysitting

All of us with children have scrambled at one time or another to find a babysitter for them. What’s difficult is you have to find someone that you can completely trust with your kids (that seems to be getting harder and harder to do nowadays). An interesting perspective though is to take a look at babysitting from multiple perspectives (the family, the kids, the sitter/nanny). Most babysitters really love what they do and have put quite a bit of time into making sure they have the skills and certifications they need to properly care for your kids through whatever situation may arise while you are gone. Here are 25 blogs you might not have seen related to babysitting:

1. Battlefield Babysitter Blog
This blog was started in 2007 and since then has offered insightful articles regarding baby-sitting and related stuff.

2. The Babysitter’s Love
This blog, which has been running since 2008, is managed by a baby-sitter. It describes the fun and love found by the writer in doing the job.

3. The Babysitter Writes Blog
This blog is a product of experience and passion of a baby-sitter. It contains great articles and photos.

4. Babysitter for Hire
A blog that advertises for families that need baby-sitting services.

5. The Child Care Queen Blog
This blog has advice, tips, and ideas relative to childcare providers and families.

6. Babysitter and Parenting Blog
You’ll find information on child care, stories, and experiences on baby-sitting as well as baby pictures.

7. BabyBlog
Parents can find guides, tips, and advice for finding the right baby-sitter for your children.

8. The Nanny Diaries
A journal on nanny stories that you might find interesting and inspirational at the same time.

9. Nanny Blog
Since 2007 this blog has been offering information regarding nannies and related jobs.

10. The Nanny Doctor Blog
Parents and baby-sitters can rely on this blog to learn more about topics regarding family’s well-being.

11. The nanny diaries Blog
This is a journal that contains a nanny’s stories as she cares for children on their family’s ranch.

12. This Melbourne Nanny
This blog has fun, embarrassing, and interesting stories of being a nanny.

13. Nanny Classifieds Blog
Parents who are in need of baby-sitters and vice versa may find this blog helpful. It features various baby-sitting jobs available.

14. Countering the Nanny State Blog
May 2007 – January 2009
This is an interesting blog with lots of posts related to baby-sitting.

15. A Nanny’s Depth of Field
A nanny’s blog relating about her insights and experiences on the job.

16. A Nanny’s Diary Blog
Read the stories and snippets all about the life of a young nanny.

17. The Ex-Nanny Chronicles in Manhattan
This is a blog of a former baby-sitter. It contains her insights and views about stuff related and not to baby-sitting.

18. Oh! How Lovely! Blog
Readers can find themselves deep in the life and dreams of a 23-year old baby-sitter through this blog.

19. Woof Nanny
Being a nanny is not just about toddlers and babies. This blog relates the story of a pet-sitter.

20. Nanny Notes Blog
What is it like to be a nanny in Manhattan? This blog, which is about the adventures and opinions of two nannies in Manhattan shows you.

21. The Nanny Blog
This journal relates the story and experiences of a 28-year old nanny based in Dallas.

22. I Saw Your Nanny
This blog illustrates stories of different baby-sitting experiences in various parts of the world.

23. The Nanny Diaries
This blog has been operational since 2008. It tells about nanny’s stories with the kids she’s taking care of as well as her friends.

24. The Nanny Diaries
A documentary of a nanny with different roles to play in her life.

25. Nanny Shanny’s Project 365
A collection of daily photos in life of a nanny. This blog aims to run for a year as the title Project 365 implies.

40 Blogs All About Thanksgiving

There are so many great traditions that center around Thanksgiving that it is almost hard to list them all. For my family, it is a time to get together, have a ridiculously large meal, and then crash while we watch movies of various family events. It’s a great time and leaves lasting memories for the kids as well as the adults in the crowd. I know I generally come out of the Thanksgiving holiday very well rested and about 10 pounds heavier than when I went in. If this is a special time of year for you as well then you will most likely appreciate this collection of 40 blogs all about Thanksgiving:

1. Thanksgiving Goodies
-There are some great recipes for spicing up your Thanksgiving dinner on this blog.

2. Thanksgiving News
-Read news of various Thanksgiving celebrations all over the world.

3. Thanksgiving Day
-This blog features interesting articles related to Thanksgiving such as sitcoms with a Thanksgiving theme, how vegetarians celebrate Thanksgiving, and various recipes for this holiday.

4. Thanksgiving For All
-Thanksgiving is a special holiday that should be spent in the company of your family, friends and loved ones. Of course roasted turkey and pumpkin pies should never be far away.

5. Historical Ideas Thanksgiving
-Alternative thanksgiving celebrations are what this blog is all about. They will help you turn this Thanksgiving into something you’ll never forget.

6. Thanksgiving History and Celebration
-This blog contains useful ideas for your next Thanksgiving celebration. From décor ideas to the food.

7. Thanksgiving Cards
-Don’t forget to give your loved ones and colleagues cards for Thanksgiving. Visit this blog and get some ideas.

8. Indy Girl
-Experience having a Thanksgiving celebration around a campfire from this blog.

9. Cards Direct Blog
-Get ideas on what Thanksgiving cards you should send to your family, loved ones, friends or colleagues.

10. Holiday Harbour Blog
-Since 2003 this blog started writing about various holiday preparations and celebrations such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

11. Thanksgiving Wallpapers
-Highlight your desktop or laptop with some Thanksgiving-themed wallpapers found in this blog.

12. Thanksgiving History and Folklore
-Find out how people celebrated Thanksgiving decades and even hundred years ago from this blog. There are some great black and white images of early Thanksgiving celebrations as well.

13. Seared
-This blog offers food ideas for Thanksgiving dinner dishes and treats.

-This blog was started to chronicle a family’s big prep work as they gear up for Thanksgiving dinner.

15. 100-mile Thanksgiving
-From appetizers to main dishes—get the recipes for the food you wan to prepare for your Thanksgiving dinner.

16. Thanksgiving on the Net
-Check out this blogsite and click on links that will take you to different things all about Thanksgiving.

17. Foodista
-What does beer have to do with Thanksgiving? Read the blog and find out.

18. Epicurious
-This is a Thanksgiving day countdown blog.

19. Craftzine
-A blog featuring mouth-watering recipes and photos of food for Thanksgiving.

20. Thanksgiving files
-This blog contains article related to various aspects of Thanksgiving.

21. Gospel
-This blog has a feature on why people celebrate Thanksgiving along with other religious and spiritual articles.

22. Easy Recipe
-Learn to how to make homemade cranberry sauce for your Thanksgiving dinner.

23. Hundred mile Thanksgiving
-This blog contains essays and images on Thanksgiving celebrations.

24. Scarlet Words
-How do Australians celebrate Thanksgiving? This blog features pics of an Aussie-style Thanksgiving dinner.

25. Out In Left Field
-A Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey!? Read this blog on how vegetarians celebrate Thanksgiving.

26. CSeth’s Blog
-This blog connects you with articles related to the holiday of Thanksgiving.

-The declaration of the official Thanksgiving celebration made by Washington can be found n this blog.

28. New University
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