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25 Great Blogs for Soccer Moms and Dads

Like many other parents, I have a son that has chosen to play in a youth soccer league. He passed on basketball, football, and every other sport to participate in soccer. It might be due to the fact that his siblings played or maybe it is just yet another example of how quickly youth soccer is expanding in the U.S. I’m not really sure, but I can tell you that when I was growing up there were exactly zero soccer leagues in my area of the country for kids. So I have spent quite a bit of time learning the game and reading different blogs. I thought I would share 25 youth soccer blogs with you in case you are interested in sharpening your soccer vocabulary.

1. US Youth Soccer
This is a great organization that helps organize youth soccer leagues for over 3 million kids across the U.S. Their blog has useful information from multiple bloggers and is a great way to stay up-to-date on youth soccer in the U.S.

2. Soccer Drill Book
If you are a parent of a child that loves soccer and don’t know how to help or encourage them in the sport then you can get great drill tips and other types of coaching advice to help your child from this blog.

3. Soccer for Parents Blog
Here you can get some good advice on how to coach a youth soccer practice and other soccer related teachable moments. There are also fund raising ideas and more on this blog.

4. On the Pitch Blog
This one is a little bit older now but has some great stories from a Dad/coach that are both interesting and helpful as you get to see how another parent handled some of the normal youth soccer challenges.

5. Soccer Mom Devotional
This is a great blog for busy moms everywhere and it’s mixed in with a lot of love for youth sports (even with all the driving kids to practices, games, etc.).

6. Pitch Invasion
This is a great article on the development of soccer for America’s youth. This blog in general is really well written and provides a more global perspective to our list of soccer blogs (okay, some MLS as well).

7. The Offside
The Offside
To really embrace youth soccer it’s also good to stay aware of what is going on at the Major League Soccer (MLS) level. You can then root for pro teams with your kids and stay knowledgeable about something they love.

8. Positive Coaching
This is a great blog about positive coaching that is especially important for those involved in youth soccer. We need to find good, positive ways to develop the skills and the little person inside each of our soccer kids.

9. DadLabs
Confront a Screamer
This is a great article about a challenge in all youth sports which is controlling the parents and their over enthusiastic cheers and jeers for their kid’s team.

10 . Story of Tori
This is a touching blog about a girl that loves soccer and also has a huge heart. Her other passion is related to thinking and caring about the people of Haiti that have been through so much recently. It’s just too great of a story to not include it on the list even though it has little to do with soccer at this point but everything to do with our youth.

11. Soccer Help Dictionary
Soccer Help
This is a great site that will significantly boost your knowledge of soccer terms. The next time you hear another parent or coach talk about a term you don’t know you can look it up here.

12. Play for Hope Blog
This blog is current and has some great tips for training kids regardless of their surrounding (this one takes place in Rwanda). I can’t express enough how inspiring this blog is and exceedingly informative about the sport and life goals.

13. American Youth Soccer Organization
This is another great American youth soccer site that has some great coaching/training materials and links to other resources that can really help you get the most out of your soccer kids.

14. 100% SOCCER
This blog is managed by a true-blue fan of youth soccer Nick Green. I think you will get a lot out of the book reviews and more on this site (I know I did).

15. Youth Soccer Coaching Drills Blog
Okay first I am going to warn you that this site is just adamant about forcing you to be aware of their free ebook (sort of annoying). However, it is worth getting annoyed as in the end it is helpful.

16. Coaching Youth Soccer
This blog has some links to some particularly interesting blog articles (like one on soccer shielding which I am guessing is a new term to you).

17. My Youth Soccer Equipment Blog
There are a ton of great posts about different brands and types of soccer equipment that are surprisingly useful and not just a commercial for different products..

18. Lawrence Youth Soccer
This looks like a great league, but it makes the list for differentiating between American and European youth soccer.

19. Youth Soccer Training
This blog is getting a little older, but has some great articles on strategy and positioning of soccer players which could really help some of us out.

20. MLS Fan Blog
Here is another great MLS fan blog that will help keep you on top of how your favorite MLS team is doing (I mean… how your child’s team is doing of course).

21. Jared Montz Soccer
This is just a flat out entertaining and interesting blog for anyone that loves soccer. It’s updated constantly with well written articles that are both easy to read and yet keep you aware of what is happening in our sport.

22. Coaching Soccer 101
If you put a 101 in front or behind anything you better be good at covering the basics and this site does not disappoint for first time assistant or head soccer coaches.

23. Amazing Football Skills
This blog has some great videos and tips for training skills that you can use at practice or at home.

24. GrassRootsCoaching
Okay another harassing ebook offer and yet another really useful blog that is worth the one-time pop-up ad you have to dismiss. There are some great ideas for coaching a team that may be struggling with the basics on this blog.

25. Soccer Couching Blog
“You don’t have to win to consider yourself successful” is one of my favorite articles on this blog which is all about giving the kids the foundations they need to build upon.

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2 Responses to “25 Great Blogs for Soccer Moms and Dads”

  • Jared Montz:

    Thanks for mention of Jared Montz Soccer and our blog at We really appreciate it. Loved your description! That’s inspiration enough for us to keep working hard at it, even though we considered it more fun then work.

    Thanks again for the link. We appreciate it.

    Jared Montz

  • Jenny Smithwood:

    Ooops,,you missed my favorite and Good Housekeeping Magazines––I have routinely turned to the experts at MomsTeam for the past eight years.

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