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30 Interior Decorating Blogs For Your New Home

If you just moved into your home and revel in the fact that you have tons of new design and layout possibilities then you may also be looking for some inspiration. I personally really enjoy looking at what other people have done with similar rooms as I start to design or even redesign a room in my house. One of the best resources are the various blogs out in the blogosphere as they generally have great pictures and DIY information to help you first create your dream and then make it a reality. I have compiled a list of 30 really great interior decorating blogs that will hopefully help you make your new or old space your own.

1. Design Sponge
This really great looking blog has posts and articles dating all the way back to 2004, but don’t worry it’s very current and provides a wealth of articles, images, podcasts, and more to help give you some advice (there are also some recipes and other fun things on the site).

2. Moco Loco
This blog features various designers and has some of their thoughts on every genre of design. I particularly like the essays that focus on the contemporary style.

3. Apartment therapy
This website has a tagline “saving the world, one room at a time”. Blog members are encouraged to comment, suggest design philosophies, and much more. There are some great interactions on this blog.

4. Material Girls
Unfortunately Google has flagged this site as having some potential javascript issues so be careful… but when you do get into the site it’s truly great. It covers interior design trends in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York.

5. Cocozy
This is an interesting blog and online magazine by someone that is simply passionate about interior design and hoping to be able to inspire friends, family, and others. While she claims not to be a pro, she could design a room in my house any day!

6. 2011 Interior Decorating Trends
This blog is attempting to be on the very edge of interior decorating. As it is fairly new I would say to enjoy the posts and keep an eye on it as it evolves in the coming months.

7. Antiquity at home {interior Decorating Ideas} Blog
This blogger is active and clearly loves interior design (even though she recently had to take a short break from blogging but is back). There are some interesting pictures and if you love pink, you will want to check this one out for some ideas to pink up your space.

8. Home Interior Design and Decorating Tips Blog
This site is heavily a 2009 blog site with articles, videos, and more that hit just about every room in your home. If you are looking for a really active blog though this one doesn’t appear to be one right now. Let the author know if you like it and want more.

9. Addicted 2 Decorating Blog
This blog offers suggestions on upgrading those bland spaces, furniture and accessories around your home. It has articles about redesigning lampshades, bathroom mirrors, and all kinds of other interesting projects involving ordinary household items.

10. Home Decorating Ideas Blog
The colors on this site make it a challenge to read depending on your browser but it is kept up-to-date and offers lots of advice from budgeting your interior design projects to step-by-step project guides.

11. Jonathan Kluk
This blog is more of a total lifestyle blog but makes this list due to the great photo gallery and the sections dedicated to interiors. However, you also find fashion and other style trends to enhance the beauty in your life.

12. Interior Design Ideas Blog
This blog is exactly as the name advertises a great place to get interior design ideas. The author also provides a weekly newsletter with additional ideas for free.

13. Home Decorating Ideas, Interior Decoration, Kitchen Remodeling Blog
If you can get past the tremendous amount of adsense and ads on this site you get to some interesting articles and images that will definitely inspire your next room. However, it is important to note that the articles are mainly from 2008 and 2009.

14. Interior Design Blog: Budget Decorating & DIY Resources
This is a practical blog that helps you control the budgets for your interior design projects. It also offers some interesting career advice for those looking to make a career out of their passion for interior decorating.

15. Home Staging and Decorating Tips Blog
This blog owner has been in the interior design industry for 26 years. The site contains tips and tricks regarding house design—from color schemes to feng shui and as the name suggest staging your home for a sale.

16. La Petite Feathered Nest Blog
This is the blog for Julie Dana who is recognized nationally as a great designer. Ms. Dana is also an accredited staging professional. This blog is kept very current and is full of practical advice that every homeowner can use to beautify their home.

17. On The Move Interiors Interior Design Blog | Boston
This is a Boston-based blog on interior design and decorating. The author is Sheila Selby (an interior designer by trade) and she is very active on her blog it is simply wonderful and truly is one you need to visit to appreciate.

18. Roombloom’s Weblog
The goal of the blog is to help you transform your exiting space into an entirely new living space. The author offers several hip tips and a good question and answer section to help her readers.

19. Blog
Wow! Some great pictures here that I possibly can’t do justice with words (aka it’s hard to describe). It is NOT all about cribs it’s about your grownup “crib”.

18. Modern Decorating Tips
This is right up my alley (at least right now). If you are also into contemporary designs then you will really enjoy this blog but… I got to say I WANT MORE!

19. Home Interior Design Themes Blog
This blog has a lot more articles and variety of design themes and is very active. If you are looking for a wide variety of ideas then this may be a good starting point for you.

20. A Passion for Home
This blog is written by Tobi Farley an interior designer from Little Rock, Arkansas. First, let me say that I love the blog’s theme and the images she has are simply elegant (pointing out different interior decorating tips). This blog is really a great blog for other bloggers to model their site’s after.

21. Love Your Room Blog
So many great interior decorating blogs that as you go through this list you will find one favorite after another this one is another quirky, fun blog that is kept current and full of images to really help you understand the concepts being presented.

22. Carla Davis Designs Decorating Blog
This one has fewer articles but they are interesting and from early 2010 (the first quarter). She has some interesting pictures again focusing on the her favorite fabrics and colors.

23. Home Decorating Photos, Interior Design Photos Blog
This blog has fewer articles and images but I am a complete sucker for dining room sets and the images on this blog are really nice at least if you are looking to enhance or replace your formal dining room.

24. Fabulous in Four-hundred Square Feet Blog
This blog was started after creator Bonnie joined the “Spring Cure 2010” in her pad. This is helpful for readers who want to improve the appearance of their apartments (especially small spaces).

25. Carolina Eclectic Blog
This blog is managed by the owner of Carolina Saunders Design. As soon as you go to the site you are met with what is clearly someone who is passionate and very serious about good fundamental design principles. I love her work as well, it may be eclectic but it is definitely for me!

The idea and tips section of this blog really stands out. It’s a great resource for all of us readers.

27. Home Ideas Blog
This one is in the way-back machine. It hasn’t been updated in a while but that is okay because the ideas and images here are timeless really. I like the use of driftwood and could see building that into a design for my home easily.

28. interiordezine Blog
Lee Brown is the author of this interesting site that has been active since 2005 and remains a great place with not too many, but fewer higher quality articles and ideas. It offers a great and simple education on basic interior design.

29. Decorology Blog
I am a big fan of the name and layout of this blog, plus several of these pictures really accurately reflect my same design tastes.

30. Pippa Jameson Interiors Blog
The tagline says it all: “Find the answers to all your decorating delimas and stay up to date with the latest interior trends.” It’s active, professional, and a must read.

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2 Responses to “30 Interior Decorating Blogs For Your New Home”

  • Mark Mcloughlin:

    There are some great blogs and websites here, ideal for anyone interested in diy or looking to decorate their home.

    Some very cool stuff indeed, packed with free helpful hints and tips and money saving ideas.

  • Emily:

    Thanks so much for the mention! Our site is back up now. Please come back by and visit!

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