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  • Driver's License - You must make sure you change your address with your State's department of motor vehicles (DMV).
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40 Blogs All About Thanksgiving

There are so many great traditions that center around Thanksgiving that it is almost hard to list them all. For my family, it is a time to get together, have a ridiculously large meal, and then crash while we watch movies of various family events. It’s a great time and leaves lasting memories for the kids as well as the adults in the crowd. I know I generally come out of the Thanksgiving holiday very well rested and about 10 pounds heavier than when I went in. If this is a special time of year for you as well then you will most likely appreciate this collection of 40 blogs all about Thanksgiving:

1. Thanksgiving Goodies
-There are some great recipes for spicing up your Thanksgiving dinner on this blog.

2. Thanksgiving News
-Read news of various Thanksgiving celebrations all over the world.

3. Thanksgiving Day
-This blog features interesting articles related to Thanksgiving such as sitcoms with a Thanksgiving theme, how vegetarians celebrate Thanksgiving, and various recipes for this holiday.

4. Thanksgiving For All
-Thanksgiving is a special holiday that should be spent in the company of your family, friends and loved ones. Of course roasted turkey and pumpkin pies should never be far away.

5. Historical Ideas Thanksgiving
-Alternative thanksgiving celebrations are what this blog is all about. They will help you turn this Thanksgiving into something you’ll never forget.

6. Thanksgiving History and Celebration
-This blog contains useful ideas for your next Thanksgiving celebration. From décor ideas to the food.

7. Thanksgiving Cards
-Don’t forget to give your loved ones and colleagues cards for Thanksgiving. Visit this blog and get some ideas.

8. Indy Girl
-Experience having a Thanksgiving celebration around a campfire from this blog.

9. Cards Direct Blog
-Get ideas on what Thanksgiving cards you should send to your family, loved ones, friends or colleagues.

10. Holiday Harbour Blog
-Since 2003 this blog started writing about various holiday preparations and celebrations such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

11. Thanksgiving Wallpapers
-Highlight your desktop or laptop with some Thanksgiving-themed wallpapers found in this blog.

12. Thanksgiving History and Folklore
-Find out how people celebrated Thanksgiving decades and even hundred years ago from this blog. There are some great black and white images of early Thanksgiving celebrations as well.

13. Seared
-This blog offers food ideas for Thanksgiving dinner dishes and treats.

-This blog was started to chronicle a family’s big prep work as they gear up for Thanksgiving dinner.

15. 100-mile Thanksgiving
-From appetizers to main dishes—get the recipes for the food you wan to prepare for your Thanksgiving dinner.

16. Thanksgiving on the Net
-Check out this blogsite and click on links that will take you to different things all about Thanksgiving.

17. Foodista
-What does beer have to do with Thanksgiving? Read the blog and find out.

18. Epicurious
-This is a Thanksgiving day countdown blog.

19. Craftzine
-A blog featuring mouth-watering recipes and photos of food for Thanksgiving.

20. Thanksgiving files
-This blog contains article related to various aspects of Thanksgiving.

21. Gospel
-This blog has a feature on why people celebrate Thanksgiving along with other religious and spiritual articles.

22. Easy Recipe
-Learn to how to make homemade cranberry sauce for your Thanksgiving dinner.

23. Hundred mile Thanksgiving
-This blog contains essays and images on Thanksgiving celebrations.

24. Scarlet Words
-How do Australians celebrate Thanksgiving? This blog features pics of an Aussie-style Thanksgiving dinner.

25. Out In Left Field
-A Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey!? Read this blog on how vegetarians celebrate Thanksgiving.

26. CSeth’s Blog
-This blog connects you with articles related to the holiday of Thanksgiving.

-The declaration of the official Thanksgiving celebration made by Washington can be found n this blog.

28. New University
-An essay featuring the joys and importance of celebrating this holiday.

29. A Slice of Cherry Pie
-Make turkey and cranberry parcels for your next Thanksgiving dinner.

30. About.Com
-This blog features an essay on the myths and realities of Thanksgiving.

31. That’s fit
-Roasted Pumpkin Curry Soup for your Thanksgiving dinner is one recipe featured on this blog.

32. Gifts for Christmas Online
-Add some flair to your house on your next Thanksgiving holiday. Read this blog and get some ideas on what you can use for Thanksgiving decor.

33. Cartoon loving momma
-This blogsite contains review on various Thanksgiving party games for your children.

34. Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas
-Learn to budget (time & money) for your Thanksgiving meal from this website.

35. Living Fresh
-A feature on a white-themed Thanksgiving. This blog contains great images for inspiration.

36. Oh She Glows
-This healthy living blog features a homemade pumpkin butter that can be handy for your Thanksgiving dinner.

37. Salts Spring Community
-Have a blast on your Thanksgiving dinner with these sumptuous recipes you can prepare.

38. Financing, Leasing, Credit and Loan
-Explains how Thanksgiving really got started.

39. Learning Is Messy – Blog
-Experience Thanksgiving holiday from this blogger’s perspective.

40. Mama Knows
-This blog features traditional menu and recipes for a Thanksgiving dinner.

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