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40 Resources For Creating Your Man Cave

Most people are familiar with the term man cave, but if you aren’t we are talking about that one place in the house that is not full of women’s stuff (clothes, shoes, etc.) or kid’s toys. This is a place where men can be men and do manly things. You may think this is ridiculous but I assure you it is not, there are several reasons why this is a great idea and this article will attempt to address some of those. The idea is to make it a personal sanctuary where the rules are your rules and it is much easier for you to watch your shows, play your games, and other things that you would typically do with a few buddies (poker, watch action movies, watch football, drink beer, etc.). It has become increasingly popular for men to seek out a man cave with 1 out of 4 requiring a man cave (room just for them) in their next home. If you are looking for a man cave or even if you are just curious here are 40 great resources for creating a man cave:

1. Man Caves
This is an interesting blog that is directed at men building out man caves with categories like man cave rants and much more. It also covers a wide array of topics from yoga to bogy building equipment (weights for all of us cave dwellers).

2. Man caves. Geek cowboy
This is a really fun blog that describes itself really well with the first paragraph: “Every man needs a place to be a man. Enter MAN CAVES. A sanctuary of high definition entertainment, videogames, beer, sports, and other hijinks that can only occur in the company of real men.” He recently consolidated a couple of his blogs but this is still an okay starting point.

So Buzzle has a bunch of articles related to man caves so I am just pointing you to one that was written by a woman wanting to get her husband to turn the garage into his man cave (it promises that four simple steps are all that is required).

4. Mantuary
With features like the “Mantuary of the Month” you have to check this blog out! It is funny and frankly a perfect place for testosterone junkies to get their fix and half a laugh. Sadly, it’s not kept as current as I would like but the name alone makes it worth a look.

5. A man cave report
I’m not sure if this is truly a gaming site (xbox) or a man cave site, but since they have man cave in the name I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. In any event it’s a quick read especially for gamers (though several posts have some age to them).

Here is another look at turning your garage into a man cave via the baby steps approach. Take a look at step 1 and work your way up from there. Instructables has a lot more (tons of topics), it’s a great site and kept very current!

7. Relax male Bonding Crap Shoot
Man caves and male bonding go hand-in-hand although this may not be your idea of male bonding (minds out of the gutter folks, it’s not like THAT). Just some guys, some music, and a blow-up wading pool (which I have literally seen in man caves before so don’t knock it).

8. Man Cave Radio
This is a blog site dedicated actually to sports but goes by the name man cave and covers topics that are directly related to man caves (the most important of which is sports of all kinds).

9. Man cave sports
This talks all about sports from gyms and pumping iron to all the latest NFL action, you can fill your man cave with the sound of sports.

10. My Badpad
MyBadPad is all about some pretty sweet man caves (great pictures as well). In addition they have other solid and timeless classic articles like “55 Beers That Will Knock You Flat On Your Ass.”

11. The Man Cave
In the darkness of the man cave there is only gaming, beer, and silly hats. Okay well at least for this site which is fun and worth a quick visit.

12. Asylum for all mankind
This blog is full of interesting reads including: Why a Man Cave Can Help Marriage Endure. So save your marriage and build your man cave!

13. The Art of Manliness
You really owe it to yourself to check out the article on 14 Famous Man Caves for inspiration and to bring out the green monster of envy in you.

14. DB
This is really interesting as it chronicles the step-by-step construction of a real man cave with pictures at each stage of the project. Dancing Brave… that title is way weird but the site is top notch.

15. Innovation gone wrong
Man Caves or Mantuary
Okay, this blog is in general about a larger subject but I wanted to focus in on this particular article which tries to encompass the essence of the man cave.

16. Shecky’s
Here is more support coming from an unusual source with a really well written argument detailing first why men need their own space and then why that is a good thing for the women in their lives.

17. “Atlanta Beer Snob”
A man cave normally has a fridge full or at least partially full of beer. This blog is written by a beer advocate and self proclaimed beer snob. It’s just here to class up the list a little (j/k). Fun blog!

18. Zoot Patrol
Here we have a top ten listing of man caves complete with high resolution pictures that are truly spectacular. The one with about a thousand guns is a little disturbing but you have to admire the commitment to the theme.

19. The Man Cave OR OR Pretty Princess
This blog is basically a combination of various interests of three different people—the dad, son and daughter. Accordingly it has a wide variety of appeal and something that most man cave seekers can relate to.

20. The Man’s Room
This blog is all about big boy toys (a staple of the man cave). There are some interesting uses of beer cans explained on this site as well as some decent home theater tips.

21. The Newlyweds Paradise
This is a great article and reveal of a low budget man cave that looks great and serves the purpose well. Check it out if you want to see how he built his cave for less than $500.

22. Laptopsall
This blog is mostly about computers but this particular post contains a video that shows off Rich’s man cave. The more examples the better and if you are into a multi-monitor setup for the computer in your man cave you might want to check this out. Looks like a great gaming setup for Rich!

This is an actual news article on man caves and how they give guys a chance to be guys (not that you can’t do that without a cave but you get the point).

24. Build Direct Blog
These ultimate man caves are just sick! I mean in the best possible way. You have to check out the videos and pictures for things like pool tables that raise and lower from underground, etc. I want one of those!

25. Make: technology on your time
There are some great pictures to accompany this handyman’s man cave. If you are into your workshop and want to turn that into your man cave then this is something you are going to like a lot.

26. Kickapps
A stripper pole in your man cave, hmmm… That’s interesting. There are some new and some repeat pictures of other man caves for you to checkout on this site.

27. 21red
What kind of TV and/or other equipment makes for a perfect man cave? Why don’t you read this quick article and find out.

28.Luann Colmenro
This is a quick article for wives and girlfriends that offers some interesting ideas for gifts that they can get their man for his man cave. I mean once you have your cave you need to regularly improve it right? Okay, not really but it doesn’t hurt.

29. Oddee
There are twelve great man caves here including one which puts you smack dab in the middle of a star wars movie.

30. Gardener Fox Remodeling
This is site is truly professional with some excellent example of man caves for you (and me) to drool over. Some of them are just spectacular (actually most of them). Unfortunately, I don’t live in Philadelphia but I am really impressed with their work.

31. The Finishing Touch
This article explains the intent of a man cave and makes a pretty shameless pitch for the DIY Network tv show. It’s a good article though for sure.

32. The DIY Showoff
Here is another shot-by-shot look at the decorating of a man cave and it includes a really interesting use of wine corks that you will have to see to believe.

This article also describes the intent behind a man cave at a high level. I also think it has a good picture of a reasonable and fun-looking man cave.

34. Joseph and Curtis
If you dream of having a wine cellar in your man cave then you have to check this particular site out as they have some great pictures and some good instructions to offer.

35. The Garage Plan Shop
So it ponders the question, “is your garage the ultimate man cave?” It gives some good information and should especially help those looking to build a man cave in their garage.

36. Butterfield photography
This blog has some professional photos of a room going from really basic into an extremely impressive Nascar man cave.

37. The Jewel Box Home
You get a look at a wide variety of man caves including one with several football helmets hanging on the walls that you really have to see.

This article is interesting as it talks about the increasing demand for man caves and how several men are now making it a requirement when they are looking for a new home (where will my man cave be?.

39. Perfect Man Cave
This is a forum where the name pretty much speaks for itself. If you want the perfect man cave you may want to join this forum to get ideas and assistance as you need it.

40. Electronic House
This is another great top 10 list related to man caves but all in pursuit of the manliest man cave. What does that men? I guess you will have to go check it out..

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