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Top 10 Reasons Why People Move

Millions of people move every year and in most cases there are really positive reasons for them to leave their old home and move into a new one.  Lately, that has not always been the case with a down-turn in the economy that has lasted for years now.  Yet as the Summer move season approaches, we felt it would be good to look at the top 10 reasons why people move.

  1. High School Graduation.  When students graduate from high school it’s an exciting time of life as they prepare to go to college or to enter the workforce for the first time.  Most children move out of their parent’s home shortly after graduating from high school.
  2. College Graduation.  Graduating from college with that new degree in hand is quite a feeling and often requires people to find a new home as they begin their careers and move out of college student housing (aka dorm rooms).
  3. Marriage.  Generally when people get married or more frequently before they get married but after finding a significant other they move in together.  At least one of the two in the relationship are required to move and sometimes both in the event they want to start their lives together in a new place.
  4. Family Growth.  As married couples (or non-married couples) grow their families they can reach a point where their once perfect home is just too small to contain their family and it’s time to find a larger home.
  5. Financial Prosperity.  As we go through life and begin to either save up more money or progress in our careers it’s common for people to move into better and larger homes with more luxuries than the previous home.
  6. New Job.  When you open up your job search to new cities across the country exciting things can happen.  One of the most common reasons for moving in a down economy is moving to wherever you can find work.  It’s also possible that as your corporation consolidates job functions into fewer locations that you may be forced to move due to a job transfer.
  7. Financial Problems/Foreclosure.  More and more people are losing their homes to foreclosures.  After being out of work for an extended period of time they simply cannot afford to keep making their mortgage payments and are forced to move out of their home as the banks attempt to recover at least a portion of the value of the home.  NOTE: we are not saying that everyone will go through this but it is common throughout life to experience financial problems which can cause people to need to move.
  8. Kids leave. Just as it is common for a family to move into a larger home to accommodate increases in family size as the children move out it’s also common for the parents to move into a smaller, more manageable home.
  9. Retirement.  Another life stage that is a growing demographic is retirees.  Especially as the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age, we are seeing more people moving to retirement communities like Sun City, AZ and other popular retirement destinations.
  10. Nursing homes.  Many people reach a point in their lives when they can no longer take care of themselves and/or their loved ones can no longer provide proper care for them.  At this point they need to move to an assisted living or full-time nursing care facility.

There are many reasons why people may need to move as they go through their lives.  Some moves are planned others just happen and may temporarily knock us off our plans.  Regardless of the changes in our lives that cause us to move it’s always a very exciting time.  The average American will move at least 7 times during their adult lives so regardless of where we are in life, moving is just a natural consequence of our various stages of life.

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