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Top 10 TV Shows About Cleaning and Organizing Your Home

Over the years there have been a large number of television shows about cleaning and organizing your home that have helped or inspired millions of people.  At any given time you could generally find one of these shows on TLC or HGTV and now even on other networks.  We put together a list of some of the current shows that have at least some episodes that are centered on cleaning and organizing homes.  Some are bordering on home improvement or real estate shows, but all in some ways can contribute to helping you clean and organize your home.

  1. Clean House (Style Network) – You may at first have this show confused with another but as soon as you see Niecy Nash’s picture you no doubt will know exactly what show I am talking about.  This is the top show currently in this category and has been on air for 9 seasons.  It is generally about people that have at least one room in their house that has gotten out of control (usually the problems are well beyond one room).  They help people first admit they have a problem and then completely clean and reorganize showing them how great their home can be after a little hard work and TLC (tender loving care, not the network).
  2. Hoarding: Buried Alive (TLC) – This show is the extreme look at what can happen when people can’t control their compulsion to keep things (hoarde) or their lack of desire to clean and organize their home in general.  Each show centers around someone that has really given up and is currently living in piles of stuff and garbage.  Usually their homes are far past livable putting themselves and others in danger.  It’s really gripping to watch them try to come to terms with their problems and turn the corner.  This is a bit of a scared straight approach to cleaning and organizing your home, but it makes for a really interesting TV show.
  3. Home Made Simple (TLC) – This show offers simple tips on how to make your home a better place.  Sometimes it is about organizing your cluttered home and other times it is more about how to make quick and easy meals for families on the go.  This is more of an everyday family type of show and it’s really easy to take away something from each show that you can use in your home.  Home made simple really helps people attain a home that their family will love to live in.
  4. Dress My Nest (Style Network) – So organizing and cleaning has quickly turned to interior design on our list, but the way that Thom Filicia approaches each show is generally pointing out design nightmares as well as organizational failures.  Things that both don’t look good and are not practical.  For instance, on one show a family was training their dog to go to the bathroom inside (in a kennel) and he basically said “hell no” to that as he got them on their way to a better and obviously cleaner smelling home at a minimum.
  5. Tacky House (Style Network) – Tacky or tasteful?  Good question.  Well let Thom Filicia tell you (yes Dress My Nest Thom).  This is similar to Dress My Nest in that it is a mix of interior design and space design.  Basically the effort is to help people let go of things that both impact the design of their home and clutter it up at the same time… (okay so that’s another way of saying helping them get rid of the tacky stuff they have latched onto).  The show is new but looks promising.
  6. Sweat Equity (DIY Network) – How about increasing the value of your home in a couple of weekends?  What changes can you make to your home DIY style (do it yourself)?  Amy Matthews helps people analyze changes that can be made to their homes to make them more functional and also raise the value of their homes (which is always a nice side effect).  Once you start watching the show you might be shocked by just how great of an impact you can have on your own house if you leverage your own sweat equity.
  7. Curb Appeal (HGTV) – This is a great show for cleaning and organizing the exterior of your home (something often forgotten about).  It’s amazing how much difference it can make to turn your backyard into something that is better organized, clean, and usable space.  The same is true of giving the front of your house and front yard a face-lift.  I get tons of ideas for my home and yard from this show and have for years.  This show seems like it has been airing for most of my adult life (and I’m no Spring chicken).
  8. Moving Up (TLC) – Doug Wilson is the host of this TLC network show and boy is it different!  Have you ever sold a home?  Did you ever wonder what the new buyers did to your home after moving in?  This show gives sellers a peak at what the buyers have done to their home.  Just like several other shows on this list you can pickup some great new ideas for your home from watching this show.  What I like most is that you can see a space from at least two different design perspectives which is really interesting.
  9. Clean Sweep (TLC) – This show has been off the air (not actively filming) for three years.  Fortunately, you can still catch a few reruns every now and then if you are lucky.  So while this is not a current show, I’m not sure you can have a list of top cleaning and organizing shows without this one as it was one of the trend setters.  This is the gold standard for cleaning and organizing and inspired all kinds of people to start businesses around helping others clean and organize their homes.  In fact, inspired by this show I hired one such startup company to help me with my home.  It’s really hard for me to not put this show at number 1 as I really wish it was still in production.  GREAT SHOW!
  10. Trading Spaces (TLC) – This show is also one of the classic shows in the category and is all about 2 rooms, 48 hours, and $1,000.  Basically two families trade homes (just to work on one room in the other family’s home).  They redecorate and organize the room in a way that they think the other family will love.  It’s another show that is as much about design as it is organizing but if you see the before and after shots you will quickly understand why this is a great show about cleaning and organizing at least one room of your home.  The good news is the room picked in each home varies it may be a family room, game room, kitchen, or a bedroom.  The other REALLY cool part about the show is the amount they can get done for under $1,000.  Unfortunately it like Clean Sweep has also been cancelled so go find those re-runs!

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