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10 Reasons People Flock to the Flea Market

Flea markets are popular places. All you have to do is to try and find a parking place in order to discover how true that is. So what is it that attracts such big crowds to these lines of tables? There are several reasons people flock to the flea market. We’ll look at ten of those reasons.

  1. Bargain shoppers. This is generally the main reason people will five for going to flea markets. They are looking for bargains. That is the big selling point of flea markets. They’re similar to a giant garage sale with all the items organized on different tables. Some of the vendors are selling new items but many of them are selling used items in good condition.
  2. Variety. You never know what you’ll find at a flea market but you can be guaranteed that the products will cover a wide spectrum. You’ll usually find clothes, housewares, d├ęcor items, tools, toys, books, antiques and crafts. A whole mini-mall made up of vendor tables. What is found on those tables one week will be totally different than what you might find another week. So the variety that exists is also always changing.
  3. Collectables. Collectors of all types of items will be found roaming through flea markets. They’re looking for rare pieces and parts that can’t be found anywhere else. For auto enthusiasts it may be a hood ornament or another original piece for their current restoration project. Dinnerware collectors are looking pieces to finish out their sets. Art collectors are looking for that rare piece of pottery or a painting of great value that has yet to be discovered.
  4. Antique lovers. Flea markets are a great place to find antique items. Antiquers are often found wandering through flea markets looking for items. Smaller pieces of furniture, hand tools, dolls, toys and dinnerware are common antique items that can be found at flea markets. The prices are also usually much less than what you’d pay at an antique store.
  5. Bartering. Flea markets are one of the few places where you sometimes negotiate a trade with the vendors. You might have something that the vendor would be interested in taking in trade for one or more of his items. There are many stores where you can do that but it still happens at the flea market.
  6. Negotiable prices. In other countries it is common to negotiate the prices of items rather than paying the price marked on an item. That isn’t done in most shops in the United States though. If the price tag says $25.00, then that is what you will have to pay. The cashier generally has no authority to lower the price for you. That is not the case at a flea market. Vendors at these markets are accustomed to people offering to pay a lower price than what is marked on items. Flea market shoppers who are comfortable with dickering on a price can come away with some great deals.
  7. Socializing. Some people who attend flea markets enjoy the people as much or more than the shopping. Most vendors are friendly people who enjoy talking about their wares and plenty of other topics as well. There’s usually food vendors at the flea market as well. Food lines, of course, become the natural congregating spot where those attending the flea market can chat about what they’ve found or what they’re looking for.
  8. Curiosity. Sometimes people go to flea markets just to see what’s there. Since the vendors may change from week to week and the wares being sold can also change, it can be interesting just to wander through your local flea market on a regular basis just to see what’s new.
  9. People watching. Flea markets are great places for people watching. You will see such an assortment of characters at a flea market. Some of the characters will be behind the tables, working as vendors, and others will potential customers. You might see wealthy penny pinchers driving up in their Cadillacs or a homeless guy on his bicycle looking for a cheap pair of boots.
  10. Handmade crafts. Crafters of many types are common vendors at flea markets. Handmade pine furniture, handcrafted jewelry of many varieties, one of a kind clothing items and many other items can be found peddling their wares. Often times you’ll also find the crafters working on new pieces while they tend their booth. That can be a great opportunity to see how things are made.

There are plenty of reasons that crowds of people flock to flea markets week after week. Usually people go for a combination of the reasons listed above.

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