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10 Reasons Why Mail Can Be Late

In a day when zip codes rule, it is amazing to learn mail finds its way into the dead box because of not having a zip code or the one entered is incorrect.  That being true, the mail has made its way across the country from Arkansas to Arizona and back again.

Now here’s a quick list of 10 reasons mail can be late:

  1. Zip codes are very important.
  2. Occupant moving without leaving a forwarding address
  3. My husband drives a mail truck from one point to another and it is imperative they leave one post office and arrive at their destination on time.  Weather and traffic are a contributing factor in delays that cannot be helped.
  4. With technology being used even in the post office sorting, again a complete address is imperative for the electronic eye to send it to the correct bin.
  5. Often state abbreviations are written incorrectly.  However the zip code should be the deciding factor, a package/letter meant for AZ can wind up in AR.
  6. The USPS has been labeled Snail Mail because of the route it takes to get from one Post Office to the Addressee.  With private carriers doing the distributions from state to state it is understandable somewhat that the many hands a piece of mail has to go through from point A to point B is not a rapid system.
  7. As a way to cut cost, the USPS is doing away with small town distribution centers.  Today a letter sent to me from say – Erin, TN. is post marked in Nashville.  Erin being a small Irish town in Middle TN. only collects the mail and it is sent from there to Nashville, delaying it another day before being posted and then distributed.
  8. There was a time when people lived on Rural Routes.  Since 911 – every lane and driveway has an address and a house number.  At one time also a rural mail carrier knew everyone on his route.  While that may still be true in some areas, we are victims of long time habits, and may not get the road and house number correct – which could cause a delay in mail service.
  9. I remember my mother placing a letter in our rural mail box with a nickel on it for postage.  While that has been done away with many years ago due to fraud and theft, there are occasions when mail goes all through the system before it is recognized as having insufficient postage.
  10. With the population explosion in the last 50 years the amount of mailings each day is staggering.  The USPS is constantly reassessing their system to make it more streamline and efficient – however as long as human beings are involved there will be errors which cause delays.  And even though air carriers are used, most often some trucks on the interstate are carrying mail from one state to another.

Remembering breakdowns, weather, traffic, and countless other things a driver has to contend with on a daily basis, we must also look at the local system.  From your local post office to your mailbox, your route may be one among many routes your carrier has to do in a days’ time.  I understand he sorts his own mail, loads his own truck and then starts his day.  Therefore, as important as that letter or package is we are looking for, I think I’ll stop and consider the hundreds of hands it had to go through before it got to my box.  It can be aggravating, and we may wonder “why can’t somebody do something?”  And I will assure you dear reader, someone is trying to do something about USPS mail delays.

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