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10 Tips for Keeping Your Child’s Room Organized

Are you tired of your child’s bedroom always looking like it’s been hit by a cyclone? Maybe they just need some additional help keeping things organized. Here are 10 suggestions that can help.

  1. Robe hooks. Robe hooks are a quick and easy solution for keeping, not only robes, but hats, jackets and sweaters off the floor. They can be used for anything that can be hung up and placed at a height where your child can reach them.
  2. Laundry. Provide them with their own laundry basket or hamper to place their clothes in when they take them off. They are more likely to deposit them if it is located in their own room.
  3. A bin for everything. Plastic bins are wonderful for organizing. Have one for books, another for puzzles and another for games. Have a small bin for small toys and a big bin for bigger toys. This way they don’t have to dig through all the big toys trying to find one small one.
  4. What’s under the bed? Often times the space underneath the bed is where items get shoved or lost. Why not make it an intentional storage space instead. Purchase some of the bins, mentioned in Item 3, in sizes that will slide underneath their bed. Pull them out, remove something, slide it back underneath after you’re done.
  5. Keep it together, keep it apart. If you have siblings sharing a room, make sure that they each have a space for their own personal items and then designate a space for items that have shared ownership. Make each of them responsible for their own separate space.
  6. Color coded. This is especially helpful for pre-school children since they can’t read labels. Use different colored storage bins so that children begin to identify what goes where by the color of the bin.
  7. Thin it out. A lot times, it is just the over accumulation of clothes and toys that is creating the chaos and making it more difficult for your child to manage. Remember to go through their clothes at least twice a year and remove the pieces that they have out grown or don’t wear for other reasons. The same with toys. If they’d out grown some of their toys, remove them from their room and give them away or store them for a later garage sale.
  8. Store it elsewhere. Sometimes we are storing things in our child’s room that don’t need to be there and could be kept elsewhere. Is there another closet where all the games and craft items could be stored together, instead of in each child’s individual room? Go through their closets and reconsider which of the items could be stored in other locations.
  9. One thing at a time. When a bedroom, or any room in the house, becomes strewn with toys, games and clothes, the biggest reason is usually the fact that your children have moved from one activity to another without returning the last one to its proper storage place. Make it a house rule, and enforce it, that they cannot take out a new toy or a new activity until after they’ve put away the previous one.
  10. Plastic storage bags. The plastic storage bags with zipper closures have many uses beyond the kitchen. Smaller ones can hold small game pieces so they don’t get lost. A larger one might work for that puzzle that no longer stays within its box. They can also be used to keep jewelry pieces from becoming tangled or lost. A large one can hold all of a toddler’s socks together inside the dresser drawer.

With a little creativity and a few rules in place, your child’s room can again become a livable place. They even might enjoy being in it more themselves.

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