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  • Driver's License - You must make sure you change your address with your State's department of motor vehicles (DMV).
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Yay or Nay: 20 Sites Debating Evolution vs Creationism

Did human life gradually evolve from lower life forms or was there a Master Designer who created each individual species, including mankind? This has been debated ever since Darwin first developed his theory of evolution over a hundred years ago. If you’d like to gain a full understanding of both sides of the question, you can use these websites for reference.

Yay: Evolution is the only sensible answer

  1. – You will find a very thorough and scientific response to the charges of creationists on this site created by Mark Vuletic, who holds a PhD in philosophy.
  2. Panda’s – A site dedicated to defense of evolutionary science and the critiquing of anti-evolutionary claims.
  3. Edward – A personal website with many articles by this author in defense of the evolutionary stand.
  4. – In spite of its name, this site is all about arguing against creationism.
  5. – This link will take you to a video from Stanford that provides the lecture of Dr. Eugene Scott as he explores this issue and provides the argument for evolution.
  6. – Identifying itself as an ‘atheist’ site on its About page, provides a quick clue to where they might stand in this debate.
  7. – A special report of the controversy claims that it can help you ‘win all your debates with creationists’.
  8. – They chose the name, I didn’t. They are defenders of naturalist beliefs, which are ‘naturally’ opposed to creationism.

Nay: Creationism a more logical thesis than evolution

  1. – A discussion of the issues involved in the debate are listed on this site, which concludes that evolution remains in the defensive stance with creationism as the default.
  2. – This site provides a side-by-side comparison of Biblical creation to the evolution theory.
  3. – This website provides an argument against evolution and includes a large list of references for support of its arguments and links to Creationism sites.
  4. Institute for Creation – Creation science news, articles and resources of many kinds can be found here.
  5. – A review of the debate from the Biblical view.
  6. – This site is obviously pro-creationism but provides an extensive list of transcripts of debates held on the subject, affording both sides of the issue. It also provides links to a large list of anti-creationist sites.
  7. – All things creationists, and available in multiple languages.
  8. Answers in – A very thorough website designed to answering questions about creationism and evolution through Genesis, the first book of the Bible.

Middle of the Road Options:

  1. This site begins by distinguishing between the theory of intelligent design and creationism. It asserts that creationism starts with the Bible and applies theological beliefs to nature, where intelligent design theory works on the same scientific axioms as the theory of evolution. It then goes on to defend their preference for the intelligent design theory over that of the evolution theory.
  2. – This site promotes the scientific discussion of intelligent design versus evolution.
  3. Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry provides a brief synopsis of the variety of creation related beliefs within the Christian camp, including literal creationism and intelligent design, but not limited to those ideas.
  4. Evolution versus Creationism Forum is a site that attempts to provide a neutral format for both sides of the debate to enter into discussion, and has done so for a number of years.

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