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COA Resources
  • Driver's License - You must make sure you change your address with your State's department of motor vehicles (DMV).
  • Magazine Address Changes - We have collected some great information on how to change your address to keep getting the magazines you love at your new home.
  • Name Change Checklist - If you have recently gotten married, divorced, or changed your name for any other reason, then this list of resources will help you make sure you notify organizations that need to know your new name.
  • Driver's License - You must make sure you change your address with your State's department of motor vehicles (DMV).
  • USPS COA Site - You can pay a small fee to change your address here OR you can use our FREE service.
  • USPS Options for Receiving Mail - This is an interesting page where you can see what your options are for receiving mail. Did you know you had any?
  • Call to Change Your Address - This is an FAQ entry on how to change your address over the telephone.
  • USPS State Abbreviations - This is a real quick table for looking up State abbreviations.

Change of Address Form

In order for the postal service to forward your mail from your old address to your new address all you need to do is fill out the following form:

Change of Address Form: United States Postal Service

Fill out all of the information to complete the official USPS Change of Address Form 3575.
  • Step 1: Basic Information (Name, Effective Date)

  • If the mail is being forwarded for everyone at the address then just enter the name of the head of household or any adult at that address.
    You should choose to impact an individual if you only want the mail for one person to be forwarded. If you want the mail for everyone in the house to be changed then please select everyone at this address (Family).
  • Step 2: Old Address

  • Step 3: New Address

  • Step 4: USPS Required Contact Information

  • As your change of address is being processed the postal service may need to email you to confirm your information.
  • In the event that the USPS cannot reach you via email they may call you to verify the information provided on this form.
    I agree that the information provided on this form is accurate and that I am authorized to submit this request to the USPS. I also understand that if I selected any home services above that a customer service representative will be contacting me to provide additional information by email or phone.